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Friday, December 2, 2022

Welcome to Spain!

Spain is not a new country for us. We were first in Spain in 2007 as part of a Portugal visit with Helen and Tony. Then again in early 2017 when we were here for two months doing a motorhome exchange.

This time, we plan to be here for between five and six weeks as we make out way slowly across the south of the country towards Gibraltar on our way to Morocco sometime between January 5th and 10th.

Before we left Andorra, we went for a hike in the mountains above the town of Sant Julià de Lòria. It was chilly, only about 3C (37F) but when we got up into the sunshine and headed uphill we warmed up quickly!

Well marked trails.

Starting to get a view above the town.

Me, and the scenery.

More scenery.

Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra.

An old farm above the modern shopping center on the right.

Zoomed in on Max, parked over at the shopping center.

Scenery along the way.

This odd looking structure is the town cemetery!


At least they have a nice view!

We made it up to a lookout where they have this odd structure...

A selfie stand!
I have often thought that these should be available at scenic viewpoints on hiking trails!

We arrange the phone on the stand, and set the timer.

Can you see the village up there in the center of the photo?

Zoomed in a bit.

Zoomed in more. Some of the buildings look very old, and others quite new.
This is the village of Fontaneda (pop 98).

Walking back down.

It was almost 1:00pm by the time we got back to Max. We had some lunch, and then headed to the border station that was only about 4 kms away!

Crossing into Spain.

They weren't interested in our passports, but the customs guy asked where we were going, and how much alcohol we had. I answered "a little", which was essentially true. I knew we were below the import limit. But he seemed more interested in cigarettes and tobacco, which of course we didn't have any. He waved us through.

Castle on a hill.

Scenery along the way.

We had to drive through this gorge.

And we soon arrived in the village of Organyà where they have a nice free motorhome aire. By the way, the term "aire" is simply the French word for area. So they have a good system of motorhome aires in France, and the term has carried on into Spain. So an aire is a motorhome parking area where you can stay overnight. But it's not camping... you can't put out chairs or awnings or have a bbq or campfire.

Max at the free motorhome aire in Organyà.

They have a free cassette dump station, grey water drain, and fresh water fill.

Rules of use.

We've been enjoying a treat once a week or so of fresh salmon. It's been reasonably priced here. Not cheap, but for a once a week treat we really enjoy it.

Salmon with garlic and lemon juice.


Three camper vans had also pulled in by dark, and then another motorhome about the size of Max pulled in right beside us later in the evening. Fortunately, the marked spaces are large, and they were quiet once they got parked.

Yesterday's drive, only 33 kms (21 miles).

Heading out for a hike around town. It's a nice day, with a high around 12C, so we might stay another night.


And in Canada...

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