Four wheel drive adventure in the Sahara Desert, Mauritania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Chinguetti, Mauritania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Back to Morocco on January 31st.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

A perfect overnight spot

There was clear blue sky, but it sure did take a while for things to warm up in the morning. The sun didn't come over the mountains until after 9am, and even then it took a while. 

But, we bundled up and set out on a nice hike up to some pools of water that are a popular swimming area during the summer.

There ended up being five vehicles parked in the motorhome area...

This guy parked right beside us. 
Fortunately, they were very quiet.

It is a nice spot, as far as dedicated motorhome areas go.
But we would find something far better!

Walking through the town of Organyà.

We wonder how old some of these places are.

Love their tree ornaments!

We thought about heading up there... but it's a very steep climb.

We walked past this solar panel installation.

Well marked trails.

Ruth, seeing what there is to see.

From where I took this picture, there is a level parking area at the end of a gravel road.
We're thinking this would be a perfect spot for Max to overnight!
What a view!

We followed a path about 2 kms along a small river that eventually led to a pool and a small waterfall. Obviously a beautiful spot to cool off on a hot summer day...

Surprisingly, there was no trash around at all.

Kevin, at Basses d'Organya.

I decided to climb up and see what there was to see higher up.
Not sure how I was going to get back down though!

Another pool.
It turns out there are four separate pools.

Looking down at Ruth.

Just around the corner, there was another pool with a nice waterfall feeding it.


If it were hot out, this would be such a wonderful place to go for a swim.

I took a bunch of pictures because I figured Ruth wouldn't want to try to make it up here to see for herself. As it was, I wasn't sure how easy it was going to be to crawl back down. I got to the edge, and there was Ruth, almost at the top!

Here comes Ruth.

She's smiling, but that is just for show!

She made it up though!

I went back down the way she came up. It wasn't easy though, and it's a good thing I have long legs. Ruth tried it, and didn't think she could do it. Hmm. I checked the map, and there was another trail running up beside the gorge. I thought that if she actually climbed higher, maybe she would meet up with that trail. So I went and found the trail from below, and ran up to the top so she would know where it was. And that's what happened. She said it was a difficult climb, but steep sections are always easier going up than going down.

View of the waterfalls and pools from the top.

We walked back to town, paying careful attention to the condition of the gravel road. It was actually quite good, for a little traveled path. A few farm tractors might use it occasionally. But, it looked fine for Max, so we walked back through town to the motorhome aire, and picked him up.

Yep, this will do for the night!

What a great spot.
GPS 42.199285, 1.321234

We had a totally quiet night. But it was too cold! It was -4C (25F) when we woke up this morning! If not for some incoming precipitation, we might have stayed another night. But we don't need to be waking up to snow. 

We are headed towards the coast where it will be raining overnight... not snowing!

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And in Canada...

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