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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Chinguetti, Mauritania.

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Arrived at our house sit assignment

We still had a couple of hours to drive to get to our house sit location, and we had to do a big grocery shop along the way. 

I saw a big Mercadona grocery store in the next town only 6 kms away from where we had spent the night, so we decided to go there first and get that done.

We made it down there and found somewhere to park, but man... what a busy place on a Friday morning.

We did our stocking up, and got the heck out of there! 

Miles and miles of orange groves.

Scenery along the way.

We thought this sign was funny.

We spent some time on the motorway.

More oranges.

Remains of a castle?

Castle with two lookout towers.

We stopped for lunch, and stopped again at the town of Turis, just inland from Valencia. But in Turis, it unexpectedly poured with rain, so we never even got out of the motorhome.

Arrived at our house sit just after 4:00pm. 

Yesterday's drive, 202 kms (129 miles).

The homeowners are Bart and Mirella from Netherlands who moved here 7 months ago. They fly back to Netherlands regularly though, for both business and family so they often need someone to look after their 13 year old golden retriever Diezel and two rabbits.

We reactivated our membership at Trusted HouseSitters after a long absence. In fact the site has grown and changed so much since when we first used it years ago and they actually had a difficult time reactivating it. By the way, you can save 30% if you sign up through us using the link above.

We were given instructions on our various duties, but there really isn't that much to do! Just feed them, keep their water bowls full, and give them some loving. We would have been happy to take Diezel for walks, but unfortunately he is beyond that.

We sat and chatted for a while, then Bart and Mirella left for their flight.

Diezel is 13 years old.

He doesn't get around very well anymore, and is quite happy just lying out in the grass by the swimming pool. He's a really friendly old guy though! 

They have a beautiful backyard with a view.

The tree is trimmed.

Ruth, giving Diezel a scratch behind the ears.

He's such a good boy.


We had a good first night with him. Ruth put his blanket down on the floor, and he came and slept in the bedroom with us. At about 4:30am, I felt a cold wet nose on my arm, and no, it wasn't Ruth! I got up, thinking Diezel wanted outside, but he just stood there looking at me and wouldn't come. I went back to bed, and he came over and nudged my arm again. I gave him a pet, but he didn't want me to stop. It was really funny. Then he went over to Ruth's side and let out a loud bark! I guess he thought it was time to get up. But he still wouldn't leave the bedroom to go outside. Eventually he settled down, although Ruth says she got up with him one more time, and he did go outside. I guess I slept through that!

No plans to go anywhere, other than walks around the area. Max needs a good cleaning inside so we'll get that done today. And we'll get some laundry done. It might even be nice enough to sit out by the pool this afternoon, although the water is too cold for our liking.

Bart and Mirella arrive back Monday evening, so we will not leave until Tuesday morning.

Beautiful sunrise this morning!

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  1. Awww, Diezel is as cute as can be. Too bad he's past taking walks. Maybe he won't wake you up too early every morning, I hope. And too bad it is not the right time of year for swimming, as that pool is lovely! House looks great too. Glad you were able to get that sitting gig.

    1. He sure is! Yeah, it is too bad, we were hoping that he would have been up for even just some small walks but he really isn't. He is quite happy to go around the yard every once in a while and then lie down and rest again. I think the waking us up in the middle of the night is going to be a regular occurrence as he did it again last night. We ended up having to put him outside the bedroom and shutting the door, after that he settled down again and we got to sleep until the morning. We just wish we knew what he was wanting?

      Yes, it is a shame, it would have been a great spot for a swim, with that beautiful view to look at.


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