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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Feel like we didn't get much done yesterday

It was supposed to rain on and off, but it never did until we got a thunderstorm around 4:30pm. Actually, I did manage to get outside for an hour and a half and I put back together what I could of the old wood splitter. It's pretty much good to go now, at least the mechanical part of it.

I bought a used battery for it for $50, and tinkered with things enough that you turn the key and it fires right up, whether the engine is hot or cold. Not bad, considering it sat for close to ten years.

Now all I have to do is to replace one top section of the plywood that is starting to rot, give it a quickie paint job, and replace both tires (I am picking up a couple of used ones today) and then it is ready to sell.

Ruth borrowed a photo scanner from her brother, and she is in the process of scanning some old family photos. Once again, she is frustrated by how few have any writing on them. If you've got an old shoe box of photos stashed somewhere, better to go through them and write on them, otherwise your kids won't know who half the people are!

I brought some more boxes up from the basement. It sure is odd, the stuff people keep. There were probably 8 or 10 boxes of old books... paperbacks from the 1950's!

And a box of old newspapers and clippings. Mostly from the 1960's. One front page article was regarding the 1968 racial protests and riots in Cincinnati, and I had to think 'man, things haven't really changed very much, have they?'

Interesting seeing some of the advertisements. A brand new 1967 VW Beetle for $1,800!

But, unfortunately none of it is worth anything. There is even a final edition copy of the old Ottawa Journal newspaper that closed up on August 27th 1980. I had been a newspaper carrier for that paper back in the mid 70's. That final copy might be worth $10 or so if you can find a buyer. If you can't... well, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. We'll take the whole box up to the shop and maybe someone will pay a dollar or two for it at the auction next spring.

And, of course we're still getting rid of our own stuff as well. Slowly, but surely. Sold the little 400 watt spare inverter that we used to carry around in Sherman... for $35. And this morning when we go into Ottawa (again!) we're meeting someone who is giving us $80 for the little Bosch 12 volt drill that we also carried around in the motorome.

So, it's coming together, slowly but surely. I still have my doubts that we'll get everything done that we want to, but it won't be for lack of effort.

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  1. You might consider donating the News Paper clippings to the Museum.

    It's about time.

    1. We have considered that, and that just might happen but it won't be until next year after the auction.

  2. A library or museum may be interested in that old’s history worth keeping.

    1. Yep, we have thought about giving them to the museum in Arnprior but we will wait first to see what the people from the auction company would say about them.

  3. Stuff like that stored for years smells moldy. Helping a friend in the U.S. clear out his mess for a garage sell was a disaster. He was a smoker and everything was stained yellow and stank.

    All my belongings I could fit in a trunk. In fact, most of it is!

    1. Actually the newspapers don't seem to smell moldy but we have had problems with other items in the basement with mice and the mess that they make but they seemed to have stayed out of the newspaper box.

      Lol, you own a house, how can all the stuff inside it fit in the trunk of your car? ;-)


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