Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What a frustrating job that turned out to be!

Busy day yesterday as we went in to Ottawa again. 

When we had picked up grandson Cameron the other day, we stopped in at Lowes and bought some new drawer slides for the six large drawers in the kitchen here at Ruth's dad's house. The old ones were simply worn out. Rather than replace them with cheap ones, I made the decision to get the pricey nice ones that have that fancy "soft close" mechanism.

Well, what a frustrating job that turned out to be!

First of all, there is zero tolerance. When the instructions say there has to be a half an inch on each side, they mean exactly half an inch. And of course the drawer side and the cabinet side have to be exactly lined up vertically and horizontally parallel. It does tell you that you may have to make adjustments as necessary. Boy, they weren't kidding.

Then, I discovered that three of the six packages were broken. There are plastic ends on them and they are fairly heavy. So if they get dropped on that end, the plastic breaks and the soft close mechanism doesn't work properly. I expect that at some point during shipping, these had been dropped and you can't tell if the plastic is broken until you actually open them up.

After about four hours of work, I now have two of the six drawers done. Good thing I'm not being paid by the hour or I would have been fired from this job! Having said that, the next four should be a little quicker now that I somewhat know what I'm doing.

So, we had nine year old grandson Cameron with us for two nights. He's a pretty good kid when he's on his own and doesn't have his younger sister around to pester. 

On Sunday morning, we took him to the nearby model airplane club. Boys and their expensive toys! There are sure some fancy remote control planes out there now, including some with jet engines!

Some of these model planes are pretty big!

This guy was getting his biplane ready.

You can see how big the planes are.

F16 Jet.

Last minute check before flight.

And he's off.

Another jet getting ready to go.

I took a video of the takeoff. Wow... these things sound like a real jet taking off!

Cameron found a friend.

Yesterday, we went into the city again. One, to go back to Lowes to replace the broken drawer slides. Fortunately, they didn't give me any grief about it, and I made sure to open the replacement ones then and there to make sure they weren't already broken too. And, we had to drop off Cameron at his house, and then go see Ruth's dad.

Cameron wanted to show us his scooter skills at the skateboard park...

Ruth, Tony, Sadie, and Lindsey.

Really nice weather this week. Cool in the shade, but lots of blue sky and sunshine. Calling for a high of 21C (70F) today. Pretty much perfect.


And in Canada...


  1. I would love to go watch those model planes do their thing. Will talk to my Mr. about that. He lived in Arnprior for years so I'm sure he knows the place.

    1. It is definitely worth a visit there for a couple of hours either on a Saturday or a Sunday. They also do training on Wednesday evenings, free of charge. It is on the road going down to Vydon Acres.

  2. Kevin have you watched the news about the lady from quebec who was sending poison in a letter to trump and some others. She is a full time RV'er and it looks like she has Sherman.

    1. We have heard about the issue and the arrest but we have not watched the news about it. The people that bought Sherman live in the Gatineau not in Montreal.


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