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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Broken glasses!

I was outside yesterday pressure washing the siding on the house. The beige colored siding hadn't been cleaned in probably 15 years, and it was starting to turn green in some areas. Of course a lot of the water comes splashing back at you at times, and my glasses were getting pretty wet.

I took them off to give them a wipe, and one of the arms broke right off!

Actually, it wasn't even the arm itself that broke. It was where the hinge meets the frame of the lens. So of course the lens fell out at the same time.


And of course it was only the other day that we had been going through some of our "stuff" and we decided to throw out the old glasses that we had been carrying around in the motorhome just in case something like that were to happen. Tuesday was garbage day, so they are gone.

I only bought these glasses in Guadalajara in March of 2019 , so I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get more than a year and a half out of them.

Oh well. It is what it is. So now we are off to get new eyeglasses today for myself!

Without them, I can see distance okay, and I can drive fine although the dash and gauges are a little fuzzy. But for reading, I need my glasses. Gotta get that laser eye surgery done next time we're in a cheap country! Anyhow, I taped them up so the lens won't fall out and with only one arm they are still okay for doing computer work until I can get some new ones.



In the meantime, Ruth was working on the garden.

And, I spoke to the auctioneer and we are going to set things up for next May. Apparently a Saturday in late May is best, although he even said that holiday Mondays work well too, so maybe the Canadian long weekend in May.

And the real estate lady came as well. The house has lots of positives, but there are some maintenance issues that need to be looked after for better salability. The roof paint we might just try to get the front done so that it has better curb appeal. And the upstairs hardwood floor and stairs need to be refinished. I've already got a $1,200 quote for that, so have to make arrangements to get that done. And there is a little bit of painting and removal of some peeling wallpaper. Then, we can list the house next April.

We are heading back into the city again today. First stop, an eyeglasses place that advertises same day service!

This inexpensive Robot Vacuum gets good reviews.

And in Canada...


  1. When I went to a place that advertised same day services, it didn't apply to bifocals. Maybe you can get by with inexpensive some "readers" .

    1. You are pretty much correct on that statement, however when Kevin got these glasses which had progressive lenses a year and a half ago he did get same day service. However that wasn't the case case yesterday. It was going to take about 10 days to get them back and it was going to cost him a minimum of $475 CAD for the lenses and the cheapest pair of frames that they had. Definitely too much for us!

      Luckily I found another pair of his "old" glasses that were his driving glasses that were still in good shape and still worked perfectly for him, so now all Kevin needs to do is go out and buy an inexpensive pair of "readers" as you mentioned so that we can read. That will work out great until we can get to a country this winter that will have a better pricing on progressive lenses and frames, or fingers crossed even Lasik eye surgery.

  2. I found a pair of bifocal readers at a Shopper Drug mart in Canada, I believe they were foster grant. Helped me out when I had to wait for a week for my replacement glasses.

    1. I found a pair of "old" driving glasses of his that are still in great shape and work perfectly for him for distance, so yes now all he has to do it buy some good but inexpensive reading glasses to get him through until we can buy a good pair of glasses this winter somewhere where the pricing on glasses is better than here.

  3. Interesting. Watch for the update. It should also work in Europe.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the new Google Maps update. That will definitely be interesting to see.

  4. I don't know how big of an area that is upstairs, but that's a good price for sanding and refinishing, isn't it? I mean for Canada or the U.S.

    1. Yes, the area upstairs is a fair size but we only need the stairs and hallway refinished, all the floors in the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs are totally fine. Having said that, the price isn't bad considering that just doing the stairs would be a bit of a finicky job, the hallway would be easy though.


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