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Monday, September 7, 2020

Another nice European motorhome

I've been in contact with an RV dealer in Germany that was recommended to us. This is one of the largest dealerships in Europe, and the guy says they are extremely busy. I told him what we were looking for... a 2017 or 2018 model with under 40,000 kms (24,000 miles) as well as our list of specifics... he said that it was highly unlikely that we would find exactly what we were looking for in a used model.

However, he has a new 2021 that is already on pre-order with an expected December - January delivery.

It's a 2021 Matrix 520 ST.

It's only 5.9 meters (19.5 ft) long! But what an intelligent use of the available space. I've never seen a kitchen with that much working counter area even in much larger units.

This model only came out in 2020, so there's not much info online, but here is a video of the same model with UK (right hand) steering. Its essentially the same floor space though...

He said he would send me the spec sheet of the one they ordered, but I haven't received it yet. My guess is that it will be around €60,000 ($93,000 CAD, $71,000 USD) which is near the top end of our budget. But, if it's the motorhome we're wanting then we might just bite the bullet and go for it.

Lindsey came up with the kids for an overnight visit. Justin is really busy with work, so he decided to stay behind and get caught up on things. 

We took them for a walk over to the river...

Chester and Cameron.

Chester shaking the water off!


Sadie, Cameron, and Lindsey.

Cameron, walking across the railway bridge.

This rail line is very little used. There is only 1 train per week, and I think it's on Wednesday.

Osprey nest.

The osprey nest on top of the rail bridge has been there for years, and it is still used every spring. This nest has been there for so long that there is a small tree growing out of the nest!

Ruth gets nervous walking across the bridge.

Back at home, we had happy hour.
Cameron took one sniff of the tequila, but based on the smell he's not a fan!

Cameron wanted to go over to the dam to look for more critters, and when he came back he was all excited. He had found some snake "eggs" of some kind. They're not really eggs... some kind of embryo... but upon closer inspection, they weren't alive. We did some research and they should be moving inside the sack. 

It's blue because the bucket of water is blue.
But they are definitely baby snakes.

He was a little upset that they were not alive. He sure is curious about things like this.

Today it is supposed to rain on and off all day with a high of 22C (71F) and a low of 8C (47F).

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And in Canada...


  1. we were hoping to take a drive down to Pakenham today but the weather looks pretty dismal.

    1. Yeah, yesterday definitely wasn't the nicest of days. You know you are welcome to stop by Galetta and say hello to us if you are in the area. Just let us know beforehand to we can make sure we are around.

  2. What is your plan with the European RV after your Trip, bring it back to Canada or sale it??
    Hope all works out
    Can't wait to see your Europe Travel

    1. We would sell it when we are finished with it.

      We can't wait for our European travels either. :-)

  3. Wow, this is a very nice motorhome. We looked at a lot of those on youtube and in real at the trade show in Abbotsford. But this hits the spot. The bath has an extra shower, the kitchen area is pretty big and roomy, the beds arrangement is comfortable and the storage room in the back is fantastic. The price seams quite reasonable compared with the US and Canadian vans.
    You have lovely grandchildren!
    I read that you have to go to Berlin (our home town). One week there might be just enough. There is so much to see. The cheapest Tour is with the Bus 100 through the centre. The Brueckentour (bridge tour on the spree and Kanal) is quite interesting.
    Not to forget Potsdam with Schloss Sanssouci is a day. The outskirts with the lakes are quite nice. The trees are a bit small compared to Canada. One has to keep in mind that in WWII the trees were needed as firewood for the city. All new growth after that.
    We wish you good luck with the whole trip!!! Best wishes, Angi

    1. We love the looks of the European units so much more than the ones here in North America. This unit sure looks got from the video but I would want to see it or one similar to it in person first. It definitely ticks most of the boxes for us, that is for sure. The other nice thing that we like about the European units, is that they retain their value so much more than over here in Canada or the U.S.. We would never consider buying a new unit here but we would definitely consider buying one over there.

      Thanks for the tips on Berlin Angi, you might have to remind us again once we get there, keeping in mind that we won't want to do many touristy things. We prefer walking around and enjoying the architecture, history and the culture and finding some of the more unusual things that most visitors to the city might overlook. :-)

  4. I say go for it! Of course I like to spend other people's money! But really, we aren't getting any younger(I'm 67), so hope you enjoy it, if you decide to get it. The best to you two! Rawn Stone

    1. Lol, we might just do that but we don't want to jump on things to quickly. We want to make sure we are getting just what we want and at the best deal that we can get. :-)

      We are looking forward to some new adventures soon.

  5. Buy the way, I have never met a Canadian I didn't like! We have Canadian friends that live one street over from us. They are wonderful folks! Sure hope they can come down this Winter. Have you heard if Canuks can come down? Sure hope they can! We live in Green Valley,Arizona during the Winter. Take care, wRawn

    1. Canadians in general are know to be nice friendly folks! :-)

      Canadians can fly down to the U.S but they can't drive down yet. We aren't sure how long the land borders will be closed for. I know that a lot of people up here in Canada and hoping the border will be open by the "Snowbird" season. There aren't too many places in Canada where you can enjoy a comfortable winter, especially in an RV!

  6. That vehicle looks really good amazing what they have fitted in. The roller door cupboard is a good idea and a reasonable sized garage underneath is a must. Nice pics of the G Kids today too

    1. They really seem to know how to make decent quality units over in Europe and to make use of every bit of available space. It is nice to have that large storage area but you also have to be very careful not to overload the unit. Many units do not have a very high load capacity compared to North American ones.

      Our Grandchildren are the cutest! We are loving the time we are having with them. :-)


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