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Monday, August 31, 2020

August Expenses

Well, here we are at the end of August. Not a bad month from an expenses perspective, although if we are spending this kind of money we should be seeing more than we are. We gotta get back on the road!

We spent a total of $1,433 CAD ($1,100 USD)... only $6 less than we spent last month. But we sure saw a lot more last month than we did in August.

Note, the following figures are all in $CAD. For $USD equivalent, subtract about 25%.

Let's see how it all broke down...

Gasoline: We spent $109 on gasoline for the little red rental car. It sure is good on fuel. The first week of the month we were under house arrest, so that driving was all in the last three weeks or so. Lots of trips into Ottawa and to our daughters house, and we probably put on 1,400 kms (868 miles) since we picked up the car on August 8th.

Groceries: We think we did really well at $548 for the month, almost exactly what we spent last month.

Meals out: We actually had our first restaurant prepared food since we left Mexico at the end of March. Total cost was $65 to feed five people when we bought our daughter her birthday lunch.

Alcohol: We did jump off the wagon in August, but we are pacing ourselves. We spent $91 on overtaxed Canadian booze.

Miscellaneous: Not bad, a total of $177. We spent some money on tune up parts for the bicycles ($67), and we had to put a minimum insurance ($38) on the motorhome to drive it to the purchasers place in Quebec. And $32 on cellular and internet.

Entertainment: $7 on a day pass to the Rock Dunder Hiking Area where we are going today!

Travel: We didn't really travel anywhere, but this is the category where we put our car rental costs which were $436 for the 23 days we had it in August.

So, a total of $1,433 CAD ($1,100 USD). Should be about the same in September.

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And in Canada...

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  1. Last week I did an online comparison of produce from HEB U.S. and HEB Mexico. OMG! You have to be rich to go grocery shopping in the U.S. Also, a YouTuber I watch usually eats out in each video traveling around the western U.S. I just couldn't spend $15 for burger, club sandwich, or $25 for a small steak. Criminal. That's me though.

    1. We sure found that the cost of food has gone up quite a bit in the U.S. especially so this past summer compared to other years. It also doesn't help when we have to add on about another 30% for the exchange.

      As for eating out, we are totally with you there, we just can't justify the cost and again here is Canada it is just as expensive if not more so. We will stick to making our own meals and eating at home. Boy, we sure do miss Mexico!


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