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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Made it to Cape Flattery

One of the things we wanted to see here on the Olympic Peninsula was Cape Flattery... the furthest northwest point on mainland U.S.A.

And we made it! Sure glad we didn't attempt this in the middle of summer though. We can only imagine how busy this area is at that time of year. The weather may not be as nice now... but it sure is better that there's hardly any people around!

First stop was the town of Sekiu.

Sekiu is a pretty spot.

Hmm. Okay!

The coast at Sekiu.

A deer ran across the road. Ruth was pretty quick with the camera.

Bird life.

It's a fairly narrow winding road going along the coast from Sekiu to Neah Bay.

Scenery along the way.

Arriving at Neah Bay, there is a sign saying that you need to have a recreation pass from the Makah Indian Tribe because Cape Flattery is part of their reservation. 

(It's funny that in Canada, we call them "reserves", and in the U.S. they call them "reservations". I always thought a reservation was something you made for dinner at a restaurant!)

We stopped at the Museum as you enter town, and bought our pass there. Cost was $10 USD ($13.25 CAD). It's actually an annual pass, but there is no day pass available. We did not go into the museum. Partly because it was $6 USD ($8 CAD) to get in, and partly because there is no photography allowed.

At the Makah Museum.

Neah Bay fishing fleet.

We had asked if it was okay to drive Sherman out to the point, and the guy thought that it would be. Sure enough, it was okay, but I sure wouldn't have attempted it in the middle of summer. The parking area is not that big, and there are only 3 parking spots made for RV's. There is also an RV turn around area so that you can drive away after you find that there is no parking for you!

We are reminded once again that this is a great time of year to be traveling in an RV.

Sherman, in one of the 3 RV parking spots at Cape Flattery.

You then walk a .8 mile (1.3 km) trail one way to the Ocean.

First view of the coastline at Cape Flattery.

Very cool sea caves!

Really neat!

Cape Flattery coastline.

Tatoosh Island. 

That's a long way down!

Tatoosh Island Lighthouse.

Sea waterfalls.

The sea wasn't very rough, but it looks like it here!

Enjoying the views.

Looking down!

Us, at Cape Flattery!

Looking north, you can see Vancouver Island.

Neat shoreline.

Us, at Cape Flattery.

Really good day... until Sherman began acting up.

On the drive back, he began misfiring. Exactly the same way he did before I changed the spark plug wires a year ago... and 20,000 miles ago.

We made it to the town of Forks (pop 3,800). There is a NAPA Auto Parts store here, and a couple of mechanic shops so if we end up needing some parts or repairs we will just hang out here until he is fixed up.

Speaking of which, I had better get to doing some diagnosis of that problem!

On the bright side, Forks seems like not a bad town to spend a couple of days.

Yesterday's drive, 110 miles (176 kms).

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And in Canada...


  1. If you are continuing South, Ocean Shores and Long Beach are quite nice. They'll be quiet this time of year as well. Isn't Cape Flattery beautiful, we did that same visit early in the summer. (not with our trailer though, we were in our Smart car) Hope you got Sherman all fixed up!

    1. We will see. We definitely would like to head that way but there is also another route we would like to try, however in both cases the weather isn't looking good. Lots and lots of rain forecast which doesn't help out in the scenery or hiking categories for us. Yes, Cape Flattery was beautiful and we were very lucky to have had decent weather for our drive up there.

      We should hopefully have Sherman fixed up by this afternoon. Our fingers are crossed!

  2. The Leis and Clark Termination Fort is called Fort Clapsop and is listed with an Astoria address. You might be too far south now. Fort Clatsop Rd, Astoria, OR. The column was also in Astoria. You might want to check out Sunset Beach and Canon Beach on 101. Thee is a small campground across the road from Sunset Beach Cove.I had a delicious clam chowder at Canon Beach. Also, check out the town of Bandon. There is a nice state park north of there to stay at also. There is a loop road out of Bandon that is scenic.

    1. Yes, that is the one that I was looking at as well, but I don't think we will be headed that way. We want to head over to the Columbia River Gorge and then after that we will head further south. Unfortunately the weather isn't behaving very well for us. We will have to see what it has in store and make our plans based on that. We would love to see Long Island and the Clatsop area but if it is raining the whole time, it really would only be wasting our travel time because we wouldn't see any of that beautiful scenery.

      We travel slowly so no we aren't passed that area yet, lol! We do mostly boondocking and rarely stay in campgrounds, however if we do it would be in public campgrounds like the state parks, unfortunately they usually charge too much. :-(

      Thanks for all the suggestions!

  3. Pay a little extra for high quality plug wires. I had that same misfiring problem on our 1992 P30.

    1. Lol... I thought I did that last time. This time, I'm going with the Taylor Extreme series...

  4. Love that coastline!
    Kevin, a little off topic, what App or program do you use as a GPS, when in Mexico?
    Is it fairly accurate?

    1. I'm using the app. It works all over the world, and you don't need to be online to use it once you have the map of the area you're in downloaded.

    2. Oh... and I have never found it to be inaccurate!

  5. Love the scenery, especially the coast.
    Do you every put Gas Treatment in Sherman's tank. In the more Humid areas you can get a lot of moisture in your gas and Distributor Cap.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We have been enjoying the scenery out here on the peninsula but the rain started yesterday and it looks like it is going to continue for days which won't help out in the scenery department any more. We are lucky that we had such beautiful days for the first part of the peninsula.

      No, Kevin don't put in any gas treatment in the tank and Kevin said that isn't our problem. We have a burned out spark plug wire. Unfortunately Sherman's model has a problem with heat build up under the doghouse and the spark plug wires burn out more easily. Last time Kevin replaced them he bought better quality ones but obviously they still weren't good enough. He has now bought really heavy duty ones. Sherman should be fixed up today and we will be ready to hit the road once again.

  6. We call them reserves in Canada which is short for reservation.

    1. No, a reserve in Canada is not short for reservation. I checked it out on the internet and there is definitely a difference between reserves in Canada and reservations in the States. Here is just one link that I found

  7. Replies
    1. It is lovely here, especially in sunny weather!

  8. We were there last year, it is a beautiful place for sure!

    1. I hope you were lucky enough to have great weather while you were here. :-)


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