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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September Expenses

Well, here's our September expense report. Grand total for the month was $2,735 CAD ($2,150 USD). Not bad, especially when you consider that we spent yet another $1,000 on motorhome repairs.

But on a year to date basis for the first nine months, we're way higher than normal because of the now $8,200 CAD ($6,500 USD) that we have spent on repairs and maintenance this year.

But, Sherman owes us nothing. And we spent very little over the 11 years that he's been with us, so if this is what it takes to get another year's worth of travel out of him, then so be it. All we can do is hope that nothing else serious goes wrong over the next 18,000 kms (11,000 miles) that we've got planned for him.

Here's how we spent our money last month... (the following figures are in Canadian dollars... you can subtract about 25% for USD equivalent.)

Gasoline: We spent $389 on fuel. One of our lower fuel months, as we didn't do very much driving because we spent the entire month in southern British Columbia. Oh, and of course 9 days in Oroville, Washington at the B.C. border.

Propane: We filled up with propane, but it was a gift from blog reader Scott when we visited him in Oliver! Thanks again Scott!

Grocery: Once again, our grocery bill was lower than expected, coming in at a grand total of $334. But, we visited a lot of people and they fed us! Thanks to all of you who invited us for a meal!

Alcohol: Still higher than we like because of expensive Canadian prices in this department. But, not bad overall at $198.

Miscellaneous: Not bad, at $267. Considering that included wedding gift and clothing as well as a new SIM card for the phone while we're here in Ontario. And a few minor expenses like laundry etc.

Entertainment: Again, not bad. Total of $192, and that included treating our family to breakfast in Guelph.

Overnight: $102... most of that was our Airbnb rental in Guelph as well as one night camping.

Motorhome: Yes, another $1,051 spent on Sherman. Hopefully that's the end of it. He's got new tires, brakes, and front suspension now.

Travel: Total of $200. Our one way flight from Abbotsford to Hamilton was $69 and five days of car rental was $131.

So, total of $2,735.

This month should be a little better again. There should not be any motorhome expenses, but travel and entertainment will probably be a little higher than usual.

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  1. You live bare bones - but the expenses with Sherman are necessary maintenance on your moving home. Liquor is one of our biggest expenses too - but I intend to make wine this fall so maybe that will help

    1. Yep, if you take Sherman's expenses out then we did pretty well on our monthly expenses.

      Making your own wine will make a huge difference in your monthly alcohol expenses, when we had our house that is how we managed to help keep our expenses down.

  2. You're welcome! I knew that would help the monthly expenses! Cheers!

    1. And it sure did help our monthly figures look a little better. Thanks, once again! :-)

  3. Reg
    If you pass by Eastern township in Quebec, we would love to offer you a boondocking place for free and have a chance to exchange travel experiences .

    1. If we do, it won't be until next year now but thank you very much for the invitation. :-)


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