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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Picked up the car rental!

We've got wheels again!

Yesterday morning, Lindsey drove us to Dollar Rent a Car near downtown Ottawa. We had a reservation for 10am, and got there right on time. I had booked the deal back in July when they had a special price on their "whatever car we have is what you get" deal.

And what a deal it was! $94 CAD ($76 USD) a week, plus taxes. Came to a total of $346.40 CAD ($280 USD) for three full weeks.

The counter guy is doing the paperwork and he says "how did you get a deal like this? I've never seen a price that low..."

"Ha, I know, right?", and I explained how I got it.

2016 Hyundai Accent

The little red car is exactly what we wanted. It's fully loaded. Even has heated seats. And really good on gas. We took it up to Ruth's dad's place yesterday afternoon and the trip computer says that it got 5.4 liters per 100 kms (44 mpg) average for the trip.

Even though it's a 2016 with 42,000 kms (26,000 miles) on it, it's not beat up at all and it drives really nice.

So yeah, we went right from the car rental place up to Ruth's dad's in Galetta on the far west side of Ottawa. Oh, we stopped at Walmart first to pick up a couple of things and they had boneless top sirloin roast AAA Canadian beef for $4.77 CAD ($3.85 USD) per pound.

We picked one up for Lindsey and Justin's 8th anniversary which is today.

Went for a 5 km (3 mile) fast paced walk, Took us 53 minutes, and that included a stop on a bridge to watch an otter. I don't think we've ever seen an otter in the wild...

I didn't have the good camera with me, so this is just taken with the phone.

The good camera is acting up, but I removed the battery and let it reset itself. Seems fine now, but I guess we'll see. We bought it in 2013, and it has taken a lot of pictures! Might be time for a replacement soon.

Had a nice visit with Ruth's dad for the rest of the afternoon. Didn't stay overnight because we had an appointment to take Sherman in for some service work at 7:30am this morning! You can hear all about that story tomorrow morning!

We're off to spend the day with my mom... have a great Tuesday!

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And in Canada...


  1. Nice to have some wheels again, great deal on the car rental.

  2. I spent a couple of hours being entertained by a few otters playing in the bay at Victoria Canada 12 years ago. They were a blast to watch.

    1. Yes, they can certainly be very entertaining especially if there are a few of them together. I have heard that they love showing off.

  3. Wow! Great deal on the car, and the roast!

    1. We love deals and the roast was delicious!

  4. At this time, we are also driving a 2016 Hyundai red family sedan which is a rental car; looks exactly the same color except a different model. Thank goodness we are not paying for this rental because Enterprise charged the insurance company a little over $50USD a day. Now you know what a great deal you received at $76USD for a WEEK. The guy who hit us in the left rear corner of our 2013 Lincoln MKS was so apologetic, but I do miss the comfort of the Lincoln. This Hyundai is beating me to death even when I make a run to the grocery store; the shocks on this car seem non-existent. Hope both of your parents are in great health, and no doubt, they enjoyed your visits.

    1. Perhaps you got one that is a little on the beat up side. Ours runs great and we are very happy with it. Having said that we have never had a luxury car to compare it too. :-)

    2. We inherited the Lincoln from a family member. Otherwise, we personally would not have shelled out the bucks for such a high depreciating item and high maintenance item. However, the difference in the ride and comfort between our old SUV and the Lincoln is like night and day. But I still miss our SUV for practical use, like I'm sure once in a while you will miss the Little Blue Car.

  5. 2013 camera needs replacemen?...my times sure have changed. lol

    1. Yep, they sure have, these days the camera would be considered a relic! ;-)

      The way technology keeps changing and improving we are sure there is a much better camera out there for the same price or very similar but we like to get as much use out of it as possible before having to spend more money.


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