Sunrise from where we were parked this morning near Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Una National Park, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Reasons To Choose A Luxury Rental For Your Next Vacation

Planning a vacation can be a stressful endeavor. Everything from booking the plane tickets to managing kids can make the hassle of it all seem like a near waste of time to even leave the house. Fortunately, a few things can make your experience significantly better, not the least of which is the type of rental you choose. If traveling for example to a place like Colorado, ample Breckenridge cabins for rent provide the luxurious accommodations you need to have an amazing vacation filled with rest and relaxation.

What makes a luxurious cabin rental stand apart from other hotel and rental experiences? Quite a few things, like comfort, amenities and overall experience. Once you get used to the convenience of staying in a luxury rental, it’s nearly impossible to go back to hotels. Still not sure? Here’s our list of reasons why you should consider a luxury rental for your next vacation.

Nothing beats comfort like staying in a real home, made just for that. While hotels make every attempt to be comfortable, they’re nothing more than a synthetic imitation at the end of the day. Everyone sleeps better in a real home, and children often have more fun when not restricted to one room to share with parents. Furniture, mattress included, tends to be much more comfortable in real homes, and the added convenience of having a kitchen at your fingertips makes snacking and even cooking not only possible, but easy. Rental homes often have more than one bathroom and several rooms for guests to spread out and get comfortable in. Added personal touches like magazines and bookcases make the experience that much better, and are things you can’t find in similarly-priced accommodation options.

Luxury home rentals are far more convenient than their hotel counterparts. With more spacious parking, private extra outdoor amenities and more interior space, it’s much more convenient than trying to share a small room with your family. Locations also tend to be more convenient, as these luxury cabin rentals are often close enough to ski resorts and outdoor activities, without being in the heart of the crowds. Guests of these rentals can step outside their lodgings to enjoy a bit of quiet private time without bumping into other hotel residents or guests. Parking isn’t an issue either when you have a whole house and driveway to yourself.

Entertainment systems in personal rentals tend to be of much better value and in better condition than those found in hotel rooms. How many times have you arrived at a hotel room to find a tv or a remote control that doesn’t work? In home rentals, everything is maintained well because unlike a hotel, it’s actually someone’s home. Owners take more pride in the state of their electronics and amenities, and it’s rare to arrive to a rental where items are broken or in a state of disrepair. Entertainment options in rental homes often even exceed normal television sets, frequently including gaming and other electronic  and audio systems for better overall comfort and experience.

Another factor to consider in choosing your accommodations is the convenience associated with onsite amenities. Having onsite laundry, a dishwasher, and other amenities should not be discredited, especially when traveling with children. Having amenities like these contribute largely to the comfort and convenience of your trip, and it’s always nice to be able to wash a shirt you stained at dinner rather than trying to hand-rinse it and hope for the best. Being able to skip takeout for a night or two and cook a meal in is also a great way to spend some of your vacation, and having a luxury rental makes this possible. Buy some local produce and make a great meal that you can then clean up with the help of a dishwasher. Store items in the freezer or fridge, and enjoy leftovers or chilled wine throughout your trip.

When choosing to rent a luxury home it’s certain you’ll have a better overall experience than in other accommodations. The combination of comfort, location, and convenience make a luxury rental the best choice for a relaxing vacation on your own terms and at your own pace. No more fighting for the best parking spot, making noise complaints about the neighbors above, or worrying when room service will come in and disturb your morning coffee and paper routine. When renting a luxury home, the vacation experience becomes all about you and your family’s needs, and that’s it. With luxury rentals you can fully customize your experience to suit your needs and interests, without having to compromise.

So if you’re done paying top dollar for cheap imitations to this caliber of relaxation and exclusivity, book a luxury cabin for your next retreat. Your family and friends are guaranteed to have a better time with their own space, and the amenities needed to make the trip easy. Custom hot tubs, private rooms, and homey-touches make luxury cabin rentals a no-brainer when choosing a spot for your next vacation. Book one on the edge of town for a more private experience, right next to a resort or landmark, or book one downtown for close proximity to shopping, nightlife, and restaurants. Whatever you choose, rest assured you’re bound to have a better time in a house all of your own.


  1. Spot on....rental homes much nicer. But luxury is pricey! One of many reasons we've owned rv's for 30+ yrs. It's our home away from home. Some places, unable or not feasible bring rv - great time to rv share! Also took advantage to "tour" facilities in exchange for lower price to stay.

    1. We agree, rental homes are much nicer than a hotel room, especially if you are with a group or large family get together.

      We love our motorhome as well but you can't take it with you everywhere.

  2. Is this a personal testimonial by Kevin and Ruth? If so, would love to see your photos if you have the time.