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Monday, October 23, 2017

Funny Halloween outfit!

We won't be here for Halloween this year so we won't get to see the grandkids dressed in their outfits. But we did get to see our son in law Justin in his outfit the other day. Too funny!

I had been perusing one day a few weeks ago and saw a great costume on sale. Grandson Cameron is a big dinosaur fan, so I knew that he would love this one.

I contacted Lindsey and we agreed to split the cost. Our contribution to their Halloween fun this year!

T-Rex costume!

Our daughter Lindsey tried it on too... and I took a video for you...


Justin is going to look so funny going around trick or treating with the kids on Halloween evening.

You can buy one too!


  1. Oh my god it's hilarious. He might have to take Lindsey just to make sure he doesn't get mauled by little kids. As they say, fathers are usually just big kids anyway.

    1. It is pretty funny for sure. It was hilarious watching him run around and chasing the kids. I wish we were around for Halloween night. Hopefully Lindsey will get some pictures! :-)

  2. Gotta love it, I am sure it will be a big hit, hopefully not scare too many little ones.

    1. Yep, we think it will be a big hit as well!

  3. Sadly, trick or treat does not exist here in LA like it used to be. Schools/groups offer trunk or treat. Cars park where trunk/treat held. Kids walk car trunk to car trunk, collect candy. Some people decorate trucks/cars - few make small haunted house. Local campgrounds have BIG theme weekends each weekend in Oct - but very pricey to go! $20 per person or $150.00 weekend to camp ;( Lots fun, but lots money!

    1. It is sad to hear that Halloween and Trick or Treating have gotten that bad in your area. Thankfully it is not like that here.


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