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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day trip to Barbados east coast

We got out of the apartment fairly early yesterday morning, and waited by the side of the road for a ZR van to come by. These minibuses typically hold about 16 people, although you'll often see them stuffed a little more full than that. (The term ZR is derived from the licence plate code assigned to these vehicles.) They travel the busy roads, and competition is fierce as one competes with another for your business.

As expected, we didn't have to wait long!

It costs $2 BBD ($1.30 CAD, $1.00 USD) to take any bus on the island, no matter what distance you're traveling. But, there is no transfer system, and you often have to take more than one bus to get to where you want to go. The privately run ZR buses give you change, but on the large blue government buses are exact change (or token) only.

We got on the ZR bus at about 9:15am.

We took the ZR bus to the Fairchild bus station in Bridgetown where we waited in line for the bus to Bathsheba, which is supposed to leave every hour on the hour. But we're learning that the big blue government buses aren't really reliable for timing, and we waited about 45 minutes in line. It was about 10:25am by the time we finally pulled out.

No photos along the way because the windows were not clear and it rained on and off so we couldn't keep them open. Arrived at Bathsheba about 11:15am. A few other tourist buses around, but not busy by any means.

Bathsheba Park.

From Bathsheba Park, we could walk either north or south. We decided on north, but not for any particular reason. We'll go back and do south another day.

It didn't take us long, and we came across a familiar rock. 

My father and mother in 1984.

33 years later.

Considering we didn't have the photo with us, we managed to match it up pretty well!

Looking south from Bathsheba.

Looking north.

We were trying to follow a trail called The Great Train Trail. There had been a railway in Barbados that ran between 1883 and 1937, but some of the old track base is overgrown, or nonexistent now. 

Scenery along the way.

There are a lot of abandoned construction projects in Barbados.


When we got to the blocked path, we did go through the fence. But the concrete from the old bridge was crumbling and definitely not safe. So we tried to go down and through the gully, but there was no path up the other side and it was too thick with undergrowth. We ended up reversing course and walking on the beach to get past this.

Ruth, trying to cross the stream.

We walked back south a little ways.

To the Roundhouse Restaurant, but we weren't ready for food yet.

Scenery along the way.

Big waves crashing into the rocks.

An old shipwreck?

Looking back at where we had walked from.

We walked along the road for a few kilometers. Eventually, we came to Barclay's Park where there was some picnic tables and shade. But we had already eaten our snacks earlier and we were getting low on water. Across the road from the park, there is a restaurant. But, it looked expensive. I got on the phone (so far, my SIM card has picked up a signal everywhere we've been) and read some reviews. The restaurant only opened in April of this year, but reviews are really good... and it's a bit pricey.

But, the next restaurant was about 3 kms away. So we bit the bullet. After all, you do have to eat!

Ruth, at the Chill 'n Breeze restaurant.

 A nice view from our table, in the shade and with a breeze.

They had very little that was gluten free. Ruth ended up with a very expensive Caesar Salad, which would have been acceptable if it wasn't so pricey at $30 BBD ($19.80 CAD, $15 USD), while I had the Curried Lamb at $40 BBD ($26.40 CAD, $20 USD). The lamb had a bit of flour in the sauce, but not enough to bother me.

Nice presentation, and it was good.

With drinks, the bill was $91 BBD ($60 CAD, $45.50 USD). A bit above our normal guidelines, but we don't treat ourselves very often. Unfortunate that there weren't more gluten free choices, but such is life.

Feeling refreshed, we continued walking.

This is a random house.

We walked as far as the village of Belleplaine where we caught the bus back to Bridgetown. School had just been let out, and we asked the kids where the bus left from. They were very polite and asked where we were from. Nice kids. Until the bus arrived... then all politeness went out the window and it was every man, woman, and child for himself. It was kinda funny. What a zoo.

Waiting for the bus with the kids.

Our coastal walk was about 9 kms (5.5 miles).

A few detours along the way back, although we never did find out why. The roads through the interior are very narrow, and we had to go off route a couple of times when others in smaller vehicles couldn't get through either. Like I said, we have no idea why.

Arrived back at Bridgetown as the sun was setting. It was a bit cooler, and the minibuses were crowded so we decided to walk back to the apartment.

In total, we had done 13 kms (8 miles). One of these days we're going to relax!

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  1. Sounds like you had good day! Are there many tourists around?

    1. Not on the east coast, that's for sure. But then busy season doesn't start here for another month or so....

  2. I am pretty sure your bodies think walking 8 miles is relaxing

    1. We've been a little out of shape in that department! Plus, it's baking hot and humid...

  3. Wow! A full day of exploring. That rock on the beach hasn't changed a bit. A pricey lunch indeed, but like you said, sometimes you deserve a teat...

    1. It was a full day, we came back tired. Nope, the rock hasn't changed at all!

      Yes, a pricey lunch but in Barbadian terms it isn't. Kevin said it was delicious.

  4. What a nice day , and a treat out is good for you once in a while.

    1. It was a great day and there will probably be a few more treats before our time is up here.

  5. I think the building in the pic labelled "we walked back south a little ways" might be what's left of the New Edgewater Hotel just north of the Roundhouse. If so I stayed there in 2010. Doesn't appear to have any chance of re-opening. Sad as it's in a fantastic location.

    1. Yep, that is what it was alright! I tried to find out before you mentioned it and couldn't find any info but now that you have given me the name I checked it out and it was officially closed in 2012 because of financial problems. And no it doesn't look like it will ever re-open again, at least not without a ton of work. It looks like it would have had a great location with fantastic views.


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