Out for a walk near Keinton Mandeville, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Keinton Mandeville, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Pogradec, Albania on October 2nd.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We can afford to buy one, but we can't afford to keep it.

We were on grandparent duty yesterday, and it started off with a drizzly morning. So rather than hang around Lindsey's house, Ruth called her Dad and we decided to pack the kids into Lindsey's car and drive on up there for the day. We haven't seen Ruth's dad since this time last year.

It's only about 80 kms (50 miles) depending on what route you take. So we arrived there about 11:00am.

Spent the rest of the morning indoors, but things cleared up after lunch.

Ruth, doing a puzzle with Sadie.

Grandpa reading to Sadie and Cameron.

The view directly across the street from Ruth's dad's house.

Then, we went to the local playground. On the way, we had noticed that there was some kind of event going on at the livestock sale barn in town. In all the years we've been going up to Galetta, I've never been inside the sale barn. Yesterday, it was a horse auction sale.

Sadie at the playground. Not sure why the funny look on her face!

Then, we walked over to the sale barn. The parking lot was full. We got inside and got a seat just in time for the start of the sale. The kids were really good and got themselves set up right in front of the viewing area.

I had no idea that you could buy a horse so cheap. The first one (the one in the picture below) sold for $1,200 ($900 USD). The next couple went for as little as $200 ($150 USD) and $180 ($135 USD). 

But, then you need somewhere to keep the horse, and it has to be fed and maintained and probably visits from the vet if it has a medical problem. Then, if you want to take it somewhere, you need a trailer and a truck big enough to pull the trailer.

It becomes an expensive hobby! We can afford to buy a horse, but we can't afford to keep one.

At the horse sale auction.

Ruth's dad and his dog Taffy.

A nice day visiting with Ruth's dad, and back to Lindsey and Justin's house after supper.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, with a holiday Monday tomorrow. Today, we've got my side of the family coming over for Sunday brunch, and tomorrow we go back up to Ruth's dad for Thanksgiving dinner with Ruth's side of the family.

A good deal on a portable generator this morning at Amazon. As quiet as the Honda, at half the price...

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200-Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability

And in Canada, best selling Kindle books are on sale...

Best selling Kindle books on sale


  1. Do you pull a car with your RV? Just debating whether it's necessary to get a small car during our travels. Anyway wishing you a beautiful thanksgiving with your family.

    1. No we don't tow a car. We have rarely found a real need for one and if we do then we just rent one and that hasn't happened very often through the years.

  2. My mom had horses, you're right, they are expensive, not to mention all the time it takes to shovel the manure! ;c)

    1. I would loved to have had a horse but I am now glad that we never got one, if only for not having to shovel the manure. :-P

  3. This is my friend's second horse. She says it is expensive, but she loves the freedom she feels when she is riding.

    1. Yes, I can understand what the feeling must be like! :-)

  4. My nephew's daughter wanted a horse and they had room for it but he told her she had to earn enough money for all the expenses, food, care, vets, etc. She agreed and it took everything she could earn in her part time jobs to pay for that horse. They are not cheap to keep.

    1. Good for her to stand behind her bargain. She must have really loved her horse to have put all her hard earned dollars towards it.


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