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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Boondocking night #12...Sherman is a happy camper!

Yesterday, we went to the outskirts of Abilene (pop 117,000) to a big RV dealership to look for some things for some friends of ours in Mexico. They were looking for four specific items, and based on the two summers I spend running the parts department at an RV dealership, I figured the odds were that they'd have three of them in stock.

But no such luck. Actually, they did have two of them, but there were three different varieties of the one item so I couldn't buy it without being sure. So I had to send an email and wait for an answer that may not come in time.

We may make an effort to get to another big dealership near San Antonio, but time is running out as we want to cross the border first thing Monday morning. I had tried to order the stuff online from both Amazon and Camping World ahead of time, but neither one could guarantee what day the stuff would show up and with us being on a tight time schedule I didn't want to risk missing a delivery.

Stopped for gas again in Winters, Texas. Ha...we do a lot of driving every year to get away from winters! Filled up again, at $1.929/gal ($0.67 CAD per litre). Sherman is running great and we've been averaging 10 mpg on this trip. Not so good yesterday with a pretty strong headwind though.

Also, stopped in the town of Ballinger. They have a city park that charges $15 a night for camping, but they also have a free dump station, so we took advantage of that.

We carried on south. I had seen good reviews for a free camping spot at Schreiner Park in Junction, Texas. And sure enough, we agree with them!

Sherman, in a great free camping spot overlooking the South Llano River in Junction, Texas.
GPS 30.4912129,-99.7597664

We got set up. There are no signs anywhere saying where the specific overnight camping areas are, and also no signs saying that you can't overnight. We were the only RV's there, however one small van pulled in when it got dark. No hookups anywhere, but the occasional water tap is available.

Then, we went for a walk around the park. Nice spot!

Nice tree stump carving.

Some geese.

The South Llano River.

Ruth, and the view from the bridge.

And looking the other way.

You can see that there is another bridge in the distance. That's the Interstate 10 highway, and is the only drawback to this overnight spot. However, although we could hear the traffic noise from the highway, it didn't affect our sleep at all and there was also no traffic in the park that disturbed us. Considering it was a Friday night, we were a little surprised by this. Again, a great overnight spot!

Sherman, with a full gas tank and empty waste tanks in a great free overnight spot.
He's a happy camper!

Yesterday's drive... 163 miles (261 kms).
We're getting pretty close to Mexico!

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  1. Another great spot you found.
    Is that 10 mpg USA gallons or Canadian Gallons?

    1. US gallons. I don't think Canadian gallons exist anymore!

  2. Had to pin this one for places to stay in Texas, Ruth. Looks great!

    1. We would definitely recommend a stop here, it was fairly quiet and very pretty, especially when you consider it is free. :-)

  3. Wave as you drive by Kerrville. Camping World in New Braunfel usually has a sizable inventory. Best wishes from the Garvins.

    1. Well I guess we did drive by Kerrville but at a very large distance from Hwy# 83. Got this after the fact though. That was the Camping World that Kevin was considering but we just couldn't justify the extra distance and gas to go there. We will have to have these things a little better organized next time.

  4. Looks like you are right on schedule, good job!

    1. Yep, everything seems to be going just fine. :-)

  5. Definitely another free spot with nice views. I think it is fairly difficult to get away from traffic noise unless you go way off the beaten path.

    1. We agree but there are places you can go that at least diminish the noise and this was one of them, although we really prefer to be off the beaten track.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, for a free city park, it was a great one. Loved the setting here.


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