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Monday, October 5, 2015

Our last day with the family.

Yesterday was our last day with the family.

Kevin had made arrangements with Lindsey and Justin to meet with them just after lunchtime to view a couple of houses they were interested in buying. One of them has been on their mind since the very beginning and is quite a bit cheaper than most of the houses but it is a very small house that is outdated and will require a fair amount of work but it is in the price range that they would like to be in.

 It is livable but will need some cleaning before moving in. It has a nice large lot and lots of potential so they were wanting Kevin's input. After looking at it with them, he said they should definitely go for it so they are going to put in an offer for it probably today. Our fingers are crossed for them.

While they were doing that I was looking after the grandchildren and doing some preparation for dinner as we were having another house load of guests. Kevin's side of the family this time, his Mom, two sister's, Elaine and Alison and Alison's son Marshal, as well as our son, Alex and his girlfriend CJ.

Again it was great to have everyone together for a nice dinner. After dinner we had to have the normal for us evening of card games when guests are over, along with lots of laughs. Then it was time to say goodnight and goodbye to everyone as we would be leaving early in the morning.

We had such a fantastic time and enjoyed everyone's company and a huge thank you to my sister and her kids for making the trek here from the Hamilton area, to Lindsey, and Lesley for a lot of the meal preparation and especially to my Dad for putting up with a houseful of people over the last few days.

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