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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Travel Photo Roulette - We have a winner!

Last week, we hosted the 85th edition of Travel Photo Roulette. Lots of interesting entries, and we had to deliberate a bit to choose the winner.

You can view the entries here...

The winner is... (drum roll)...

The Valley of Longevity, by Tom and Jenny from Till The Money Runs Out !!!

"Vilcabamba, Ecuador is one of our favorite places for hiking in the world. Vilcabamba is sometimes called "the valley of longevity" and with beautiful hikes like this one criss-crossing the area it's easy to see why it's inhabitants have earned a reputation for living longer, healthier lives than almost anywhere else!"

Looks like our style of hiking, that's for sure. I think we would love Ecuador! I like the way the photo shows the perspective of how steep the side embankment is and how close to that edge the hiker is.

So although we have a winner, we also want to make special mention of a couple of runners up. The photo of Dune 45 in Nambia we really liked, and perhaps especially because we've been there...and the place looks exactly like it does in the photo. A really neat place. This photo may have won, but I (Kevin) feel myself distracted whenever someone puts a watermark of their "copywrite" on the photo. I find that it totally takes away from the impact of the photo. Just my personal opinion, but I don't like them.

Very cool photo by Daniel at, and a very cool place. But I don't like the watermark.

And, On Top of the World by Claire at ZigZag on Earth . I love the way the photo shows the almost perfect 45 degree slope that this guy is climbing...and with the mountains in the distance this fellow really does look on top of the world!

So, that was fun. Be sure to keep your eye on because they'll be hosting the next edition of Travel Photo Roulette!


  1. That is a perfect winner. Absolutely gorgeous!

    I am not sure I could have picked a winner. I looked at the other photos and everyone has something so unique. Glad I didn't have the job of picking the winner. Good job!

    1. Thank you Paul and Marsha, we think it is a beautiful picture too and to us it captures what hiking is all about.

      It certainly wasn't an easy choice, they were all wonderful photos.

  2. All are excellent photos, a tough job deciding for sure.

    1. We thought they were all great photos too but unfortunately we could only pick one to win.

  3. Three solid photos. Congrats to the winner!

    1. The pictures were all great photos and it was a difficult choice, especially with the top three that we had to choose from. Thank you for participating Lance and hopefully you will try again in the next addition of Travel Photo Roulette. Good luck!


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