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Friday, August 1, 2014

July Expenses

Wow, today is the first day of August! Time is flying. We are 3/5 of the way through our contract here. And after this weekend, the park will be slowly emptying out over the next six weeks.

July expenses were pretty much right on schedule, in fact we had a pretty cheap month.

Total expenses came to $812.67. Here's the breakdown...

Gasoline: Only had to put $40 worth of fuel in the little blue car. Ruth did two of her grocery trips into town ridesharing with our employee Kevin W. who had used his pickup truck to get some things done for the park at the same time.

Groceries: Still higher than we expected. Our July grocery bill came to $550.19. When we check back to last year, we had spent $457 in the same month. But, this July did include five Wednesdays and that's our grocery day. I guess it's going to be tough to see how much the difference is until we actually finish at the end of September and average all the months together. We're hoping that August will be closer to the $400 mark and September even less than that as we use up the things we got in the house.

Miscellaneous: Not bad, at $222.48. Our two major expenses in this category are car insurance at $81.71 and internet at $124.02. It's pretty bad when the car insurance bill is higher than the gasoline bill!

No expenses in the entertainment or travel categories. August should be a similar month, although we're still shopping for a deal to get from Seattle to Mexico in November but even if we do buy something it won't be expensed until September.

And speaking of deals, here's the one for today...

100% pure Organic Tea Tree Oil

Even with the shipping included, it's a great price. I use this when I get bug bites, and Ruth puts a drop or two on her face every now and again. Seems to make a difference.


  1. Too bad tea tree oil smells like diesel fuel.

    1. Lol...yeah, maybe a little bit. But you only need to use a drop or two...


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