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Monday, August 11, 2014

Our last busy weekend?

And a fairly uneventful one at that. This park is attended by a lot of locals, and many of the locals are involved in farming. This is the week when harvest begins to take place, and so the farmers and usually their families as well are busy.

Even too busy to take time off to go camping on weekends!

Harvest lasts between now and the end of October depending on what type of crop it is. There's a huge field of peas at the top of our entrance road that is ready to be harvested now.

My grandfather and his brothers grew up in Nova Scotia and the oldest brothers started taking the train to Saskatchewan in order to help with the grain harvest every year. Eventually, my grandfather was old enough to go as well and he ended up buying a farm near Moose Jaw.

Seems to me that people from Nova Scotia should still be hopping on a train to Saskatchewan! With Nova Scotia's current 9.1% unemployment rate, and Saskatchewan's now record low 3.3% unemployment rate they could all find jobs pretty quickly.

I had a quick look at field harvest jobs available right now...

A lot even include room and board.

But, we've developed a lazy society up here in Canada, and it's too easy to get government handouts. So people would rather do that than hop on a train to get a job.

A few random pics over the last couple of days...

Ruth had planted a delphinium. 

Maybe nice with three or four more.

Zoomed in on the "supermoon".

The park held a canoe clinic. Ended up with about a dozen kids attending.

Another supermoon shot, this one at dusk so there's still a bit of a pink hue to the sky.

Today's deal of the day?

I always wanted one of those projection alarm clocks. You know, the ones that display the time on your ceiling so that all you have to do is open one eye just a hair to see what the time is...


  1. Interesting that you should mention the harvest on The Prairies. When my Dad was a young lad (late teens or early twenties) he went out for a couple years in a row to what he referred to as "The Harvest Excursion". You'd get hired on by a company that would go from farm to farm and cut, then stook the wheat and then come back and thresh it when it was dry.
    He went back to Nova Scotia though, since he had this idea he'd marry the girl from the next road over, and that was my Mom. I can't begin to imagine what would/could have happened (or not) had he not returned.

    1. Kevin's Grandfather did return to Nova Scotia after the first year or two before he finally stayed out West. Seems that the times haven't changed much as jobs must have been scarce out East even back then.

  2. I have always said there is always work out there, if you want it bad enough. I always had more jobs than I had time to work at when I wanted. Always made good money too.

    1. Neither Kevin nor I have ever had a problem getting a job. I think the government should make them go to where the jobs are before they start handing out "handouts"!


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