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Friday, June 27, 2014

Enough visitors for a dinner party!

And we didn't even have to cook!

So... a nice little class B unit pulled in yesterday, and I'm outside talking to Sharon, the lady who runs our canteen. The couple in the class B park, and start wandering over towards us. He's got a bottle of wine in his hand. "Are you Kevin?" the guy asks.

"We're Bill and Gloria from Idaho, and we've been reading your blog".

We love when this happens. We think it's totally cool. So before long, we've got Ruth and Doug and Nancy (our other current visitors) over saying hello and everybody is getting acquainted. Soon, we've invited our new friends for dinner, and the ladies are organizing the food!

Kevin, Nancy, Doug, Bill, Ruth, Gloria.

So, a great late afternoon and evening we had visiting with everybody. 

Bill and Gloria are actually on their way up to Saskatoon to visit the PleasureWays RV factory where they make the class B motorhomes like the one they own.

Really nice little rig they've got. It's a 2009, and the interior still has that "brand new" smell...

Gloria and Bill and their PleasureWays RV.

Gloria, showing off the interior.

Of course we still had some work to do getting the park ready for the weekend. As I've said, we've had a lot of rain and unfortunately some areas of the park are a little muddy. Nothing we can do about that, and some of the areas have already got a little chewed up from people trying to put their rigs in their spot.

One guy made three or four attempts to get in, and still didn't make it. Unfortunately the grass paid the price.

Little yellow bird I spotted.

Kevin, driving the tractor. Stole this picture from Nancy's blog at http://runningawaywithdougandnancy.blogspot.ca/

That was my main job of the afternoon, putting the big dock in the water. Sure helps to have the right equipment to do the job! And a helper....thanks for helping out, Doug!

Today's the day we get busy...should be fun!

Our header picture for today is from our trip to Florida in March of 2010. We went there specifically to see our son Alex and his college baseball team do their spring training games. One of the games was an exhibition game where his team played against the Minnesota Twins Rookie Squad. This team consisted of kids who were in their first year of professional baseball. The closest our son ever got to the major leagues!

Alex, up to bat against the Minnesota Twins rookie squad.

We miss watching Alex play baseball!


  1. It's a bit unfortunate about the muddy bits, but by August it'll be hard to tell where it was. That's the theory, anyway. Might be an idea to try and level it out a bit after it dries some.
    Nice to have visitors, especially if they come bearing food and drink!

    1. Kevin will have to dump some dirt in the ruts and then throw some grass seed down. It's a shame that it got torn up like that because it was a nice patch of grass, it's not like it was just a ton of weeds. Oh well, I guess we have expect that a bit of this will happen with all the wet weather that we have been having.

  2. We love those kind of visitors too.
    Looks like y'all had a great time.

    1. We had a wonderful time and it was so great that we all got along really well but then when everyone is a traveler it is hard not too!

  3. Again I'm so envious of the comaraderie of RVers. I love being close to family but miss all those interesting and friendly people "out there."
    Wow, what an experience for your son. Lots of memories to share with his kids and grand kids and . . .
    I think I'll email you, Kevin, with a synopsis of my new adventure coming up this winter. Maybe you'll have some words of wisdom for me. Have a great weekend - looks like you're going to be busy.
    Oh, by the way, I liked the photo of your get together - when I first glanced at the photo I thought Gloria was Ruth - do they look alike to you?

    1. It is funny how everyone wishes something else. You are wishing to be with some RVer's and we are wishing sometimes to be closer to family. We enjoy both, which I know you do as well.

      We are looking forward to your email and what you have planned for the fall and winter.

      At a quick glance I also thought that was me sitting there as well but only for a second. I think that maybe it was just that our hair is similar.

  4. Replies
    1. It sure seems like that, at least recently anyhow! We are so happy to have all these visitors.

  5. I guess they are in Canada to make room for us in Idaho... where we are heading next...

    1. That must be the reason! Enjoy your time in Idaho.


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