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Friday, June 13, 2014

Surprise visitors!

Apparently being a little further south in Saskatchewan means that more people are more inclined to stop in and say hello. Last year we were just a little too far north. This year, we're only about 45 minutes from the Trans Canada highway.

It was kind of funny when Robert and Karen showed up!

Yesterday morning I figured out and installed our new "push for service" button. It seems pretty obvious that you walk up to the office window and if there's nobody around you push the bright yellow button. I really didn't think we would also need a sign telling people all of that, but maybe we do. So I figured we would just leave it as is and see if people could figure it out on their own.

What do you think? Can people figure it out without a sign telling them?

So, now it was just a matter of waiting for a customer.

Later in the afternoon, I was in the house and I saw a motorhome pull up. I was all set to go out and greet them, when Lindsey said "No, wait and see if they push the button!". So I did. And sure enough, my pager went off, alerting me to the fact that someone was waiting for service at the office.

The system works!

So I went out to meet them, and explained that they passed the test of our new paging system.

The guy says "yeah, well we've been reading your blog so we knew exactly what to do!".

What? Too funny. It turns out this is Robert and his wife Karen. They've been reading our blog regularly for quite some time and we've actually had a few email conversations over the years regarding Mexico and Nova Scotia RV'ing. But I had no idea he was coming to visit.

We had a campfire in the evening and Robert stopped by to chat. Karen was feeling under the weather, so she stayed in their motorhome to rest.

Lindsey, Cameron, Ruth, and Robert.

They have a home base in Edmonton, but they spend summers at an seasonal RV lot in Nova Scotia. More time in the motorhome than anywhere else. Our kind of living. They also did five years going to Mexico in their motorhome, but the last two in Texas.

So now, they're headed east following our friends Chris and Juan. Robert also follows their blog and was hoping to meet them, but maybe he'll catch up to them along the way.

So, that's our fifth set of visitors already this year, and we know there are more coming. We like getting visitors!

Here's our favorite header photo from July of 2008. We spent the month on Prince Edward Island, and we think this pic really shows some typical P.E.I. scenery...

The village of French River, P.E.I., Canada.


  1. I sure wish we were some of those visitors! What a beautiful place. The button says "Service" so it seems to have its own sign. I think I'd be inclined to wait and see how it works. Grace (in Tucson)

    1. We wish you were too Grace!

      You would think that it wouldn't need any additional signs but we have learnt that common sense isn't always that common.

  2. Clearly yours is a very popular blog if so many people have already been to see you. What fun! PEI is one of my very favorite places although I haven't been back since they built the bridge and wonder how such easy access has changed things there.

    1. Not so sure that it is because we have such a popular blog because other than Richard yesterday, the others were people that we already knew. Having said that we have met the others through our blog or through an RV website, other than our daughter and grandchildren of course. :-)

      We were there in August of 1997 the year that they opened the bridge and then again in 2008 and we didn't notice any difference in the way of life there after all those years. It is a beautiful province but to be honest we prefer Nova Scotia much more.

  3. It must be nice when your fans come to visit. You're in for a nice summer by the looks of it.

    1. We love to see friends, readers and followers come to visit. There always seems to be something in common to talk about and also great to hear feedback from people. Hoping we will see more throughout the summer.

      Now if only we could get some couchsurfers to come for a visit!

  4. Some people will and some won't. Wait and see!

  5. Put up a sign and save yourselves some headaches. The obvious is not the obvious to most people! hahaha. Yep, we are going to Darwin, Mn, St. Olaf, Mn. and then on to Chicago. Maybe Robert will meet up with us.

    1. We are trying really hard to not put up so many signs. One reason is starts to look cluttered and not professional and the second reason is that half the time people don't read the signs anyway.

      Hopefully Robert will keep his eye on your blog and if you are both nearby than maybe he will send an email your way.

      Enjoy yourselves!

  6. I hate to say it but...... I myself, would not even think it was a button to push. Looks like some kind of security transmitter to me. It will be interesting to follow your blog and see the outcome.

    1. It doesn't show up in the picture but right above the button that you push is the word SERVICE, so it seems self explanatory that you push the button for service. I guess we will see how it all works out after a week or two, then we will decide if a sign is needed.


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