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Friday, June 6, 2014

A nest full of baby birds

Yesterday was hedge trimming day for me, while Ruth and Lindsey and the kids went into Cabri to pick up some plants and flowers. Hedge trimming is a big job, and one that I've never done before.

But I caught on pretty quick and I think the finished product looks great!

I only hope that it doesn't have to be done as often as cutting the grass...

 I forgot to take a "before" picture!

Fairly straight.

This section, I remembered the "before" picture.

After. There, that's better!

Ruth's been watching this robin nest. These little ones are two days old!

And this little one (Sadie) is nine months old! Mmmm...dinner!

And continuing with our theme of header photos of the past, here's our favorite travel photo from January of 2008 when we were at Los Cerritos Beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico...


  1. Hedge trimming. *shudder*.
    When we lived in the Netherlands, we had a tall hedge that blocked off part of the property. Only had to trim it one time. That was enough.
    Yours looks pretty good. It gets a bit tough when it's a half kilometer long....

    1. Kevin said that it felt like the hedge was a half kilometer long when he was doing it!

  2. Hedge trimming needs to be done once in the spring and once in the fall.
    Looks like you're catching on great! Looks mighty fine.

    1. Thanks Peter, he is happy that it doesn't need to be done every month but would have been happier if it only needed to be done once a year rather than twice.

  3. Love that baby enjoying her food!

  4. It is a good thing the robin's nest was not in one of the hedges you trimmed! Every time we had our old hedge trimmed, I checked it very closely for nests.

    1. There was no robin nest but there are lots of starling nests in the hedge, luckily they were all below the area that he was trimming so they all survived intact.


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