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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The fantastic Canyon Lodge!

We showed you some preview pictures of Gondwana Collection's amazing Canyon Lodge and the response was that you want to see more. We don't blame you. What a great place, and anyone coming to Namibia's Fish River Canyon owes themselves a stay at Canyon Lodge.

Here you go...and you even get a video of our very cool room!

I think it's totally amazing how they can build such an oasis in such dry, barren conditions. For example, here's the roadway into the place...

You turn left just after this mountain.
 A little way further, you come to this...

In the middle of nowhere, you come to the greenery of Canyon Lodge.

We climbed the hill to get a view!

Our chalet. You can see Ruth sitting on the front porch.

This is one of the chalet's across from us.

Ruth, and the view from the front porch.

All of the chalets are built into the rocks.

Another chalet across from us.

When they led us to our room, they open the door and all you can do is say "Wow"!

I took a short video to give you all a better idea of the interior. Turn up the volume so you can hear my fantastic commentary!

Ruth, showing off the downstairs bathroom and tub!

The main part of the room.

They have a short hike amongst the boulders with a good view.

Us, near the top.

This boulder looks like it could start rolling any minute!

We were only spending one night at Canyon Lodge. We spent the afternoon lazing by their amazing pool!

Gorgeous swimming pool at Canyon Lodge.

We went on a sundowner drive that evening.

And we spotted a kudu.

And a rock agama.

A quiver tree. 

Our guide (and bartender!) Valentino.

Having a sundowner picnic!

There are rabbits living in the rocks.

Ruth, waiting for the sunset.

Another day is done.

We went for a late dinner. It was Christmas day, and they even had roast turkey on the buffet table! I tried taking some pics, but it was fairly dark and they didn't turn out the best. I did get one of desert though...

Ice cream and plum.

We loved our stay at Canyon Lodge. Only drawback was that they were booked while we were there and we couldn't stay an additional day! So there's a warning to you. Book in advance so that you don't miss out!


  1. What kind of spiders were on your desert plate? And how did they taste? ;c)

    1. Squished ones! They tasted a little chocolaty, I liked them. ;-)

    2. Kevin also needs to remember how to spell dessert!

    3. Dessert was one of my trip-ups too. Remember that dessert has sugar in it and so
      it needs a double 's.'

    4. The one I know to remember this is that dessert has 2 "s" because you want to go back for second helpings.

  2. Replies
    1. We could have spent a few days here easily!

  3. Wow amazing place. Do they ever get rock falls???? Just asking!

    1. There is that possibility, but I am pretty sure that they took this into consideration when they built them, so I guess it would be a very rare thing to happen.

  4. Great place, great photos, looks really cozy there in the rocks!

  5. I'm just loving your stories, every one is a thrill! The pictures are amazing! Keep it coming...

  6. This is just amazing. How do they get the water to green it up? I hope this isn't part of the diversion of the Colorado River. How can you bear to only be there for one night. What a GREAT place. That's a bubble bath tub if I ever saw one Ruth.

    1. Gondwana Collections is very ecologically minded, so the only water that is used for the gardening is recycled water from the showers, sinks and kitchen use (grey water in other words). They strive to have as little impact on the environment as possible and are always trying to find ways to give back to the environment.

      Never had a bubble bath, just no time, but I did use the beautiful swimming pool.

  7. What an awesome setting! I would so like to stay there.


    1. We really loved it there too and wished that we could have stayed a night or two more.

  8. Absolutely amazing. I must have been an incredible experience. Loved it.

    1. It was and we have loved everything about it.


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