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Sunday, August 26, 2012

When no means yes...

There are certainly some funny issues that we've encountered traveling in a country where we don't understand the language. For example, "no" really does mean yes!

The word "yes" in Slovak in "ano". However some times we have noticed that they shorten it and simply say "no". The same way that English speaking people will say "yah" or "yep" instead of the proper "yes".

So of course it gets a little confusing for us when someone is nodding their head and saying "no". We have to remember that it is only when they say "nie" that they actually mean no. Got it? Well it sounds simple, but in practice it's easy to forget!

There are some other funny things to. The rental accommodation in these private houses is often called simply "privat". But we saw an interesting one here...

Free? Why didn't we go to this one?

They put the word "free" up, but of course what that really means is that they have a room available. We think it's funny.

We decided yesterday would be a relax day, but then we figured we really should go for a short walk anyhow. Well our short walk turned into 10.8 kms (6.7 miles) and three hours. Oh well, more fresh air and beautiful views...

Heading uphill.

The town of Zuberec.

The route back down was pretty boring though. Just an old logging road through pine forest. Not much to see.

We took the bus back to town and when we got off we saw people headed for the church for a wedding.

We've kind of decided that we'll stay here until Tuesday. We have to keep in mind the costs. Even though this place does sound inexpensive at €17.00 ($21.25) per night, that still adds up to over $600 on a monthly basis. But we've found that available couchsurfers are few and far between in this region, so we're pretty much resigned to the fact that we're paying a little more for accommodation that we originally expected. Thought about asking for a weekly rate, but we really need to be moving on by Tuesday. Still quite a bit we want to see and time is running short. We want to be in Budapest on September 3, and that's only 8 days away!

Should be an interesting hike that we have planned for today. 14 kms (8.7 miles), but with an altitude gain of 950 meters (3,100 feet)!


  1. wow you two amaze me what a great time you are having

  2. I suppose $600 a month isn't too bad considering the area and all you are getting to see and do. Especially if there isn't many other options there. We are really enjoying your adventure!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. So nice that you can enjoy the beautiful countryside there, with great weather.

  4. many might not consider $600 per month expensive - but it is of course all relative... but the odds are you may not return to that area again so the investment makes sense...

    1. You are right most people would think $600 a month is a great deal and as you say it is all perspective. Luckily we won't be spending that this month and we don't mind spending the $21 a night for a little flat that also gives us the ability to cook our own meals which keeps our costs down on meals out so really it all works out in the end. And yes, we probably won't be back in this neck of the woods again, although I am very tempted, it is so beautiful here.

  5. You guys walk so much that you should just head towards your destination and see how far you get. 20K/day seems like an easy cruise for you two.

    1. Ha! Yeah, we thought of that. Only drawback would be carrying our backpacks. They're okay for short distances, but not designed for that kind of walking.

  6. And to think people pay to work out at the local gym - I like your way better!

  7. I get so tired on all your walks. Oh to be young again!!! You're so lucky to be young enough to do all the neat stuff and see what you're seeing. It would have been great if everyone could do that.
    Have fun! We're following along.

    1. I don't really think hiking has to do with age. Yes, it is easier when you are younger but we aren't too much younger than you and we hope to be hiking for many more years yet. When we were on the trails, even the very strenuous ones we saw many different people hiking on them. Families with young children, grandparents with their children and grandchildren, or even just with their grandchildren, thin people and overweight people. On our last trail we meet a lady by herself coming down from the mountain on a very steep path with a backpack on that was about the same size as her and I would have to say that she was probably in her early sixties and she didn't look to be having any problems. I think that people just need to get out and work their way up to it but we also realize that hiking isn't for everyone and we understand that so we'll do the hiking for them.


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