Scenery east of the town of Trai Mat near Da Lat, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Da Lat, Vietnam.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It was a hot one!

It was a hot and humid day yesterday. I think it went to 34C (93F). But that's no excuse not to go for a hike. Jana and her sister Monika came and picked us up at around 1:30pm and then we picked up Jana's boyfriend Lucas and we all went for a walk to a waterfall!

It was about 4 kms each way, mostly along a paved path, but it was a gradual uphill climb to get to Sutovsky Waterfall. The stream beside the path didn't really have a lot of water in it, so we weren't expecting the waterfall to be very good. But the waterfall is 38 meters (125 feet) high! And the way the water comes down it looks really pretty.

Monika, sitting at the base of the waterfall.

Jana (left) and Lucas and Monika getting their feet wet!

Kevin and Ruth.

We walked back to the car, and then it was only a short drive to a popular swimming area. Of course Slovakia is a land locked country, so when there's a good place to swim, it's busy, especially on a hot sunny day!

Lots of people enjoying the day.

People all around the old quarry.

Imagine, all these people out having fun. We noticed that there were no lifeguards, no warning signs, and lots of inflatable beach toys, and beer. I have a feeling that none of this would be allowed in Canada. In Canada, there would have to be rules to keep everyone safe from themselves! Oh well, we didn't have swimsuits with us, although Lucas wore his so he went for a dip. We sat in the shade for a half hour and just relaxed.

As they dropped us off back at the room, Jana said they would like to invite us to the pub for our last night! So we walked over to the village at around 8:00pm and met them. On the way, we noticed a storm coming in, with quite a lot of lightning.

Storm moving in around sunset.

We made it to the pub just in time, and it poured buckets! But then it was over as quickly as it moved in. By the time we left, the sky was as clear as could be, and it had cooled off nicely too!

We sure had a great time with Jana and her friends. We look forward to the day when she gets to do all the travelling she wants to. Thanks so much for spending time with us and showing us around!

This morning, we are taking the train and then the bus to get to Zuberec. This village is on the western edge of the High Tatra mountain range. We have climbed some decent hills in this area, but today we get to the mountains! We have no idea where we are staying tonight, so it will be as much of a surprise to us as it will be to you when we tell you about it tomorrow morning!


  1. I saw that front going by the the north of us. Didn't cool things down too much here unfortunately. A bit muggy again today.
    Feel like I'm back in Ontario!

  2. Managed to get home for a little bit and use the DSL, I will be back from the Lake on Sunday. looks like you guys found a Lake of your own, I know from growing up in Pa. those quarries make for cold water swimming. I have a lot of blog catching up to do when I get home. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

    1. Never got around to checking out the temperature of the pond/lake, we didn't have swimsuits with us. Hope you are enjoying your lake and don't worry about being behind on blog reading, I am too! We haven't had good internet for the last week or so.

  3. I think it's a wonderful thing that the young people wanted to spend time with you. That says something about how exciting you two are to be with. Looking forward to finding out where you laid your heads.

  4. Another great day enjoying the waterfalls and quarry and to finish it off in the pub. Perfect!

  5. I think young people enjoy hanging out with you two because you are so young at heart (and actually not that old in years). Sounds like a fun day.

    1. I do think they enjoyed hanging out with us and they had many questions about Canada. It was fun learning the differences between our two countries. I think we all learned more about each other and each others' countries. We definitely enjoyed our time with them.

  6. Looks like a great swim hole! What, no one swimming in their birthday suits?

  7. Gorgeous... just gorgeous.
    And I love your header photo!!!
    Box Canyon Mark, from Lovely Ouray, Colorado

  8. Always nice to have a few younger folks around - they keep you active and keep your body and mind young. Certainly some very kind people you are meeting along your way.


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