Duden Waterfall, Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Due for a relaxing day

And so that's what we arranged for ourselves yesterday. In the morning, we walked down the hill to get some groceries, and in the afternoon we went for a two hour hike.

We are in the village of Zasova. It's actually bigger than a village, with about two thousand people. But it feels like a village because of it's narrow, long layout.

Walked five minutes down to the nearest shop and picked up some things. Bought some excellent smoked ham sandwich meat. Fortunately they had one girl working who spoke a tiny amount of English because it sure would have been fun trying to say "Can I have 300 grams of the smoked ham, sliced please?" in Czech. We might have got the "please" part correct!

And, they have the best yogurt here in Czech Republic! You know, those little containers with the fruit on the bottom? Thick and creamy...best yogurt ever! And only about 45 cents each. Have a look at our facebook page where we posted our full grocery bill.

Then, we caught up on some internet time and had some lunch.

Our couchsurfing host Blanka has a cute little dog named Miky. Blanka was off to work yesterday and she had said we were more than welcome to take Miky on a walk with us so that's what we did!

Ruth and Miky

We hiked through the village and found a trail that leads up a ridge. Once we got up there, the pine trees were fairly thick and it was hard to find a view. Felt like we could have been hiking anywhere in British Columbia, the trees were so similar.

Ruth and Miky

The countryside in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains.

Ruth and Miky...again!

Okay...Kevin and Miky! And some tall trees.

There are a lot of marked and unmarked paths all around this area. We want to do some decent hiking over the next few days.

Looking back at the village of Zasova.

It was a nice relaxing day. Today, we're off to the nearby town of Roznov pod Radhostem. It's only a 7km train ride each way, but the train leaves in about an hour...gotta go have some breakfast and get ready!

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. You'll notice that the little town you're heading for is on the Rožnovská river. They use a certain pattern of naming places a lot in the Czech Republic and somewhat here in Austria.
    A town will be named 'whatever' on the, and then the name of the river. So Rožnov pod Radhoštěm is the name of that town, on that river. "pod" is "on", and since it's the dative case, the name gets changed at the end from Rožnovská to Radhoštěm.
    Fun stuff, huh?
    I'm sure you've figured most of this out by now. Possibly preaching to the choir.
    But I do like to 'go on' from time to time, so humour me.

    Ruth seems to be getting her "doggy fix".
    Miky reminds me of a Jack Russell my oldest brother had many years ago. His name was Mickey. Same sound, different spelling. Are there specific Jack Russell names? Maybe just a crazy coincidence. Reincarnation?

    1. Thanks for that bit of information. I'm not sure if Kevin knew this but I didn't. We are still trying to grasp this "class" thing. I believe they have 9 different classes and each time certain word endings change. And, we thought Spanish was confusing!

  2. Love that picture of Ruth and Miky!! Sounds like a lovely day to me. I'm amazed at how well you do with the language problem.

    1. We have a Czech/English phase book/dictionary with us almost all the time, so we always manage to get across what we are looking for. It's always an adventure with the language but we won't let it stop us from experiencing another culture and beautiful sights!

  3. Love the header view - looks alittle like our valley back in PA! Nice to have some relaxing days - always enjoy your pictures!


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