Scenery east of the town of Trai Mat near Da Lat, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Da Lat, Vietnam.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Okay, I have a bone to pick with you ladies...

But we'll get to that in a few minutes.

We were going to use Saturday as a day of rest, but because it was turning into such a nice day we figured we shouldn't waste it just in case Sunday wasn't as nice. (So far, Sunday is great too!)

So we did another hike, but this one was just a short one, at 9.5 kms (6 miles). Still, it took us four hours! We decided to do it after lunch, so in the morning we did some grocery shopping, had our lunch, and then set off at around 1:00pm. We had to do about 2 kms on the road just to get to the trailhead. And then we went up.

The beginning of the trail headed sharply higher. One foot after the other!

Only 10 minutes into it, and we already had a nice view!

And then it started getting interesting!

We had to rest every five minutes or so.

Up, up, up.

Up, up, up!

Ruth, being funny!

Forty minutes into it, we're getting some great views.

This trail is not only for mountain goats!

Up, up, up!

Now, I have to interrupt this beautiful hike for some serious venting. Ladies, this is directed at you! We all know that we have to go for a pee sometimes. And, occasionally we have to go for a pee while we're on a hike. Of course for men, this is a simple event. For ladies it's obviously slightly more complicated, but you have to go, so you have to go, right? 

Now, most of you ladies are prepared for this possibility and so you are smart enough to bring some toilet paper along with you. But, most of you are apparently not smart enough to bring a little zip lock baggie along to put your used toilet paper into.

And so you get this!

And this!

And this!

Now I guarantee you this is not the work of men! Is it inconvenient to be a woman sometimes? Sure it is, but suck it up and get rid of your garbage properly! Yeah, yeah, this stuff will just disintegrate in a year or two or five, but in the meantime while your toilet paper is disintegrating, someone else does the same thing and these nasty sights never disappear!

Ruth totally agrees with me, and yes, she does carry her used paper back with her!

Now, back our main event.

Of course there was a beautiful view of the town of Terchova from the top.

While we were going up, we were thinking to ourselves "boy, sure glad we're going up instead of down". Sometimes, these steep sections are more difficult going down than up. But our route down was going to have more than it's fair share of obstacles anyhow!

Only about a 200m drop on the right side!

Here's a link to a 20 second youtube video of Ruth going down the trail....

Kevin. Don't look down!

Some interesting rock formations.

Anyone else think this looks like Mao Tse Tung?

And that was about it. There's one more hike we'd like to do in the area so we're tempted to stay another day. Well, we have all of today, but we really need a rest! Scheduled to leave here tomorrow though, and we probably will. There is lots more we want to see in Slovakia, and time is flying. We have two full weeks still though, and then we have to be in Budapest.


  1. We have done some interesting hikes, but you have us beat on this one. Great workout.

  2. Great to see you doing the more challenging hikes, another great reason for retiring early and doing it whilst you are fit. Enjoy.

  3. I love your definition of "interesting" for a hike. You guys are just incredible with the beautiful places you go and the pictures you share with us. Thank you. And your vent was very good. That would be yucky to see on a hike through the beautiful mountains. Or anywhere.

  4. Thanks for the scenery. I would never ever go to Europe and hike! Just not my thing, I would do museums, musical events and lots of the touristy things. We are all different and I appreciate you showing me things I will never see.

    1. We have came to Europe to enjoy Europe. This includes the cities, towns and countryside. We love the cities and the culture, the churches, palaces, musuems and the architecture. I have to admit we haven't necessarily taken in the musical events but we love it all and part of the all is hiking. When we first arrived in Prague we did a lot of the cities and towns so now were are enjoying the nature, so glad that you are able to enjoy it through us.

  5. I think I'm a little too nervous for those steep, skinny passage way trails but interesting and a good work out for sure.

    1. Again, the pictures make it look worse than it was. Still a very tricky trail.

  6. I just can't get over your photos - how beautiful a place to visit - I am enjoying the trip every step of the way - sure reminds me of the mountains back home. This is our cup of tea!!!

  7. Another great hike to places we will never go to thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Agree about the toilet paper problem and we see it in so many places, if a plastic bag is not your choice then digging a hole is preferable or even burning it if circumstances permit. Sorry to say I agree it is we women causing the problem, you men would just use a leaf wouldn't you !

  9. Never leave home without a ziploc baggie :-)))

  10. That looks like an amazing hike. When we go to a new place we certainly check out places of interest and one of those on our list is hiking. We can't think of a better way to see the countryside and get some exercise in the process and we feel blessed that our health allows us to do so. I agree with E Squared - "never leave home without a ziploc baggie". Taking care of Mother Earth is something we all should be concerned with. Great post and great hike!


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