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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Propane tank is full!

So yesterday morning I started up Sherman and took him for a drive.

He had been sitting since April 30, and so I was a little nervous about turning the key and having everything happen the way it should. But his good old Chevy 454 engine turned over three times and fired right up. I let him warm up for a bit, and checked underneath for any leakes or anything abnormal, but he was ready to go!

I stopped at the garage near the entrance of the campground and filled up the tires...they were all down between 5 and 10 pounds, which is not bad I suppose after sitting for 5 months. The rear tires need replacing, and we'll do that when going through the States next month.

It looked like it was going to rain, but I was really hoping it wouldn't. I had worked on Shermans wheelhouses last Sunday to seal those leaks  but still have some work to do on one, so I didn't want it getting wet under there. However the propane was more important so I carried on.

It's about a 8 km (5 mile) drive to the propane place. Sherman was so happy to be back on the road. He wanted to keep going, and if Ruth and Whiskey had been with me I think we could have been talked into that idea! We got to the propane place and they had the truck out ready to fill me up so I wasn't there very long. Sherman has a fairly large 80 lb tank, and it was pretty much empty. The bill was $55.84.

The rain started coming down just as I was backing into our site, so I was very lucky! Sherman is all parked up again, with a full propane tank. Won't likely need to fill up again until we're in Texas!


  1. Ohhh I know how much Sherman must be smiling, now with a full belly of propane! He must be chomping at the bit to Hit The Road!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Yep, Sherman sure is smiling and so are we. Kevin really had to hold him back he just wanted to keep on going. One more month!

    Kevin and Ruth


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