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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blog statistics

Ruth mentioned that we are now up to 50 dedicated followers! We think that's a pretty neat milestone.

My sister once mentioned that she thought it was funny that people we don't even know are interested in what we do. I guess it is kind of funny, but once you start following a personal blog, it's easy to wonder what comes next. So if you stop in here regularly, consider becoming a "follower", you just have to click the "Follow" button on the right side, and  read the instructions. This way, you don't miss any of our updates!

Our number counter (at 33,760 as of this writing) keeps track of unique daily visitors. If you visit the site more than once a day, it will only count your visit once. Over the last month, we averaged about 85 unique visitors per day, with a high of 121 and a low of 54.  This number goes up when we are traveling. Last March when we were on the road to Florida and back, we averaged almost 200 unique visitors per day. We are really looking forward to updating our blog when we hit the road again in 7 weeks!

Google also keeps track of where our visitors come from. Of course Canadian and American visitors are almost tied for first and second, with United Kingdon coming in a distant third. After that comes Japan (isn't that odd?) and then Mexico. Followed by Germany and Russia! I think these statistics are very interesting!


  1. Hi,
    I started following on your last trip to Mexico. Got a kick out of how thrifty you can be. That is what was interesting, how you handled all the obsticles. I am following another couple on the PanAm route.

    We will head to Florida for the winter months.

    MidWest Mike

  2. Check again, it looks like 51 to me!

    congrats on the great milestone, Im at 12 followers myself!


  3. Mike...Thanks for following along. We have fun being thrifty, it has become a game with us. Yet we will spend the money when there is something we really want to see and believe that it is worth it.

    Enjoy Florida this winter, I hope the weather is better there this year than it was last winter.

    WBY...You're right we just got a new one signed up! Happy to see people are enjoying our blog, as Kevin mentioned it will be fun writing it when we are really on the road again.

    Congratulations on getting your 12th follower, it is fun watching them accumulate and knowing that people are interested in what we write and share.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Congrats on the success! I love the money saving tips! Mexico sounds like fun.

  5. RV Lover...Thanks for following along. Glad you like our money saving tips, we are full of them and yes Mexico is fun.

    Kevin and Ruth


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