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Monday, September 20, 2010

Motorhome propane update

Well, Sherman's propane level is down to less than 1/8 of a tank. It's getting chilly now, and although we can easily survive with our little electric heater, I would like to have the propane tank filled up.

I explained the problem three weeks ago.  It is absolutely ridiculous that I work in the industry and I can't get my own propane tank inspected so that I can legally get it refilled. It is simply a joke.

So anyhow, I found a mobile propane supplier outside the city limits who said he would fill my propane tank. He didn't ask the age of the tank on the motorhome, and I didn't volunteer any information. I just want it filled. I am going to meet him and his truck at 8am Tuesday morning. I don't care because I know the tank would pass the government inspection, I just can't get anybody to do the inspection!! Did I mention that this is a joke?? Especially since I work in the business!

Ruth is up at her Dad's because Tuesday is Whiskey's operation. So, early in the morning, Sherman and I are going for a drive to get some propane. Sherman hasn't been started since the end of April, but I can tell that he is raring to go! I bet he turns over three times and fires right up! I'm looking forward to taking Sherman for a drive...

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