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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A bit of this and that

First off, thank you for all those who passed on good wishes to Whiskey for a speedy recovery.  Would like to let everyone know that she is doing really well and almost seems back to normal.  She is pretty perky now and loves
her walk, even though it is just a short one compared to normal, we'll wait a little longer before taking her on a slightly longer one.  Whiskey is also starting to eat a little better now.  They gave me a can of low protein diet food, which she hasn't been too fond of, although today she ate it much better.  We are going to try and find a recipe for homemade dog food online and try that.

Kevin spent last Sunday working on Sherman and plans to spend more time on him today although we have his sister, Alison and her son, Marshal visiting us for the weekend.  They are staying in one of the cottages in the campground along with her two dogs.  Whiskey doesn't get along well with one dog, but maybe outside they will be OK.  We don't know how she will be with the other dog because it is relatively new to Alison so hopefully they will be OK together.

Friday night we went out for a steak dinner with our neighbours next door.  Kevin works with Roy, and he and his wife, Debbie have been to this place a number of times and said it was pretty good.  Now, I know that we said we weren't going to go out to restaurants anymore but we couldn't resist the price $4.99 for steak, baked potato and a cob of corn.  How can you go wrong?  The steak wasn't of the gourmet type but it wasn't too bad and the baked potato and cob of corn were great, so really we couldn't complain especially with that kind of price!  It was at a billiard place called RAXX and it was really quite an impressive place.  Lots of pool tables and a fairly large eating area and apparently throughout the week they have other specials on food, 45wing night, rib night and I think Roy said they were starting to do a chicken night.  Anyway not a bad place to go, left with a full tummy.

Watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" the other night. Classic movie...Jack Nicholson is nuts. I don't think he had to stray too far from his personality to play the part. lol.


  1. Glad to hear Whiskey is getting better,always scary when our 'babies' get sick

  2. Great news about Whiskey!

    Only 27 days till launch!!!!


  3. Thanks, Whiskey is now a happy camper!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  4. I'm not too sure what was wrong with Whiskey, but like the others, I'm glad she's doing o.k.

  5. Rick and Paulette...Thank you for taking the time to stop by our blog, we hope you enjoy it.

    Whiskey is our 14 1/2 year old dog, she had bladder stones that would not dissolve with a special diet food so she had surgery last week which we were nervous about because of her age. She came through with flying colours and is doing really well. Thank you for your concern for her and us.

    Kevin and Ruth


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