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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leaving for Mexico next month!

Now that it is September, we get to say that we are leaving for Mexico next month! I have a feeling the next few weeks leading up to that will go by very quickly.

The RV place is still very busy, although it should start to slow down after this upcoming long weekend. I actually have Monday off! And I'm just going to hang around here and do some work on Sherman. I enjoy that anyhow, so I'm looking forward to not having to drive to Perth! Ruth has to work here at the KOA that day though, but hopefully she'll finish early enough to enjoy some of the day with me.

I am hoping to get a few more days off this month to continue getting Sherman ready for the trip south. I expect the Sundays at the RV place will stop sometime towards the end of September and as well the 7pm closing hours should be set back to 5:30pm or so during the week. I am so looking forward to changing Sherman's carpet in the living needed changing last year, but now it's getting downright nasty! Definitely doing that job before we leave.

And I have found out that the RV place wants to send me to Jayco head office in Middlebury, Indiana for a training session in mid-October. I don't mind going, but it will be a 10 hour drive each way. I would go with our service advisor and would take the new 2011 company truck, and bring a trailer or 5th wheel back at the end of the 3 day training course. This is all dependant on me accepting their employment offer for next year. Yet another reason why we have to make a decision sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Either way, we only have about 7 weeks to go before we're outta here. I guess I'll have to change the countdown clock on the right side....we will be leaving BEFORE November 1st!


  1. If you go to the Jayco factory, I'll be very interested to see what you think. We have a 2008 Jayco Designer 5th wheel. This is our 5th Jayco. We've had virtually no problems with any of them until this one. We had numerous small issues, but 2 large ones. Leaks they can't seem to find and fix and our bedroom slide was improperly installed and was too low. We're still trying to get these problems resolved. I sure hope this was just a fluke and their quality has not deteriorated!

  2. Hi Evelyn. We are a Jayco dealer at the RV place where I work. My limited experience says that Jayco is one of the better manufacturers, and with one of the better warranties. Having said that, we still get the odd problem unit, even from Jayco.

  3. I have owned two Jayco's and they were both excellent units. No leaks, no issues at all. Very well put together for sure.
    Unfortunately the only layout I like for Class C's is the Greyhawk, and they are out of my price budget. Oh well, perhaps someday.

    I would go to the factory, that would be awesome!


  4. It's great that you had good Jayco units before and who knows maybe you will find a used Greyhawk in your price range. You never know!

    We have done a tour of the Mandalay factory, that was really good. If Kevin goes to Jayco, maybe he will get a tour?

    Kevin and Ruth


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