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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bought a new camera

I love getting a deal, which is why we always try and buy used instead of new. By buying used, you know you're going to save at least the 13% tax here in Ontario.

But I had been looking for a good used digital camera for a couple of months and hadn't been able to find what I wanted.
Quite a few older models for sale at decent prices, but I wanted something fairly new.

I did a bunch of research, and if I was to buy new, the camera I wanted was the Canon A1100IS. It has 4x optical zoom, and is 12.1 megapixels. The very best price I could find in Canada was $174, plus tax, which would come to a total of $196.62.

When Ruth went to Atlantic City last month, she bought us our new camera! She paid $127US for this camera. She also bought a 2GB memory card for it (about $15 here in Canada). With the tax and exchange rate, the total, including the memory card, came to $162.58 CAN. What a great deal!

This package would have cost minimum $210 here in Canada. Ruth saved us almost $50 buying this camera in the U.S.

Why is everything so much more expensive up here in the great white north...???

Our new camera


  1. Kevin, what a coincidence. I was at Best Buy this afternoon, looking for a new camera for Teresa for Christmas. The model...a Canon A1200IS. They had a special on for 175.00, which included a case. Because we still have a working camera, I thought I would try to get a better price after Christmas. I guess I should have asked Ruth to grab one like yours, for us, too. LOL

  2. Yeah, that is funny. I think you must mean the SD1200IS though. Better that you don't buy anything up here, and wait until you're in the U.S.!


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