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Monday, April 14, 2008

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Monday April 14…11:00pm

Got up at 7am and drove to a nearby spot where we could get internet access. It’s starting to get cold in the morning…temperature at the bedside was 8C (46F) when we woke up. So it’s good to drive a little first thing…it warms up Sherman, and then we have our coffee and breakfast without having to put the furnace on.

We took the backroads out of Washington area. Our first stop is at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We knew of Gettysburg, but only because of the famous Abraham Lincoln speech…the Gettysburg address. We were looking for somewhere to go for a hike, and we saw the signs for the Gettysburg visitors center, so we headed there. Little did we know that today was the grand opening of the visitors center and civil war museum. So it was busy, but we got a parking spot and visited the new museum. It was very well done, and we got a good history lesson. The entire area surrounding the town of Gettysburg is now National Park land, and there are a lot of monuments and other civil war memories scattered around the park. Apparently something like 40,000 men were killed over a 3 day battle back in 1864 or so.

The Pennsylvania Memorial, taken at High Water Mark where the main battle of Gettsburg was won by the Union Army

Scenery and more memorials around Gettysburg

After that, we drove up to Carlisle Pennsylvania. We’ve been trying to average about 100 miles a day in order to get up to Watertown by Friday. We actually have a 1 day cushion in there in case we find a nice spot we want to stay longer than 1 day. So we’re parked at a busy Walmart near the I-81. Bought a Steven Segal double feature DVD for $7.50, so we watched an action flick tonight.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 178

April Fuel $ 330.63

April Grocery $ 186.06

April Overnight Costs $ 82.33

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