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Friday, April 4, 2008

Folly Beach

Friday Apr 4…10:30pm

We drove from Hilton Head Island to Folly Beach, which is very close to Charleston, South Carolina. Folly Beach is on Folly Island. Uneventful drive…the scenery of marshy swampland doesn’t do much for us. If you’re a bird lover, you’d probably appreciate that kind of scenery…but birds don’t do anything for me either.

Folly Beach is a really nice area though…I kinda like it here. They have realistic beach rules, including allowing dogs and alcohol…but no glass containers or cans…only plastic. But, they’re realistic…if you have glass or cans in your cooler, they can stay in your cooler provided you pour the liquid into a plastic cup. And, they supply poop and scoop bags for your dog. Doesn’t that make more sense than just banning everything…?

We made it here because of our host Katherine…and we haven’t met her yet! She sent an email last night saying that she had to go to Atlanta for a day, and could we please look after her dogs until she got back Saturday afternoon. So we’re parked in her driveway and hooked up to her electric, and looking after her 3 dogs…”Bo” the chihuahua, “Shiloh” the boxer pitbull mix, and “Tico” the black lab. It’s a really nice spot only a five minute walk from the beach. We’ll probably stay until Sunday or Monday if all goes well.

"Bo" the chihuahua

"Shiloh" the boxer pit bull mix

"Tico" the black lab

Took Whiskey and 2 of the other dogs for a walk on the beach. But hanging onto Shiloh and Tico at the same time is quite a chore, so we dropped the dogs off at home, and Ruth and I went for a walk on our own. This is a popular surfing beach, and the kids here are still on spring break for the week, so it was pretty busy on the beach, even towards the end of the day.

Folly Beach

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 168

April Fuel $ 98.58

April Grocery $ 96.64

April Overnight Costs $ 7.12

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