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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Thursday April 10…11:00pm

Left Kinston this morning at about 8:30am, and sure enough, there wasn’t anybody around to collect our money. Funny system….we would have been only too happy to pay, but they don’t even provide a box or some system of paying when you arrive or leave after hours. Oh well.

Turns out that the game we left early last night was the longest 9 inning game in the competitions history. It was 3 hours and 45 minutes. And, the home team did lose, although they came back a little bit 9-8.

We headed to do a grocery shop, and then afterwards to a nearby state park where we had read they don’t have any fees for day use. The park was dead…only 2 cars in the picnic area, and one tenter and one RV’er in the campground. But, it’s all basic sites with no electric…at $15 a night. So really, considering it’s low season, that’s still pretty expensive. Anyhow, we did go for a nice walk on the trails and had lunch there.

High water levels around here

A water tower painted like a baseball!

We then headed for a Walmart that we thought was inland, and a little away from the interstate highway. Supposedly in a town called Louisville. But when we got there, the Walmart wasn’t there. It was obviously a glitch in the GPS system, but even the road atlas we had was listing it. Then, we input another Walmart along the way, and it wasn’t there either! We’ve had the odd problem with Walmarts in the GPS, but never 2 in a row. Overall, it’s been very good and I would never do without it…but it’s not perfect.

Eventually we ended up at a Walmart right beside the I-95 at Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, right near the Virginia border. Because it’s right at the I-95, we counted 22 other motorhomes here….almost all snowbirds heading back home. So it’s kind of busy, and not our ideal overnight spot, but it will do. Played canasta tonight, and Ruth kicked my butt!

We're going to try and make it to Greenbelt Park a little northeast of Washington tomorrow. It's a bit of a drive (200 miles) so maybe not, but it we do, we may not have internet there, and we'll be there for a few days. So if you don't see an update here tomorrow, that'll be why.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 174

April Fuel $ 232.86

April Grocery $ 186.06

April Overnight Costs $ 34.33

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