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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ayutthaya to Pak Chong travel day

Wednesday was not that exciting of a day, but you kind of want travel days to be like that! 

We had reservations for the 11:30am train from Ayutthaya to Pak Chong. It's a two hour train ride, and each ticket cost 173 baht (4.85 USD, $6.60 CAD) each for a one way reserved seat in third class. We are quite happy in third class with all of the locals. Much more fun that way, and they have all the windows wide open with the wind blowing through.

Here's a map of where we've been so far in Thailand. It's not that accurate because the map follows the road route, and we've taken the train. But, it's close enough...

I didn't take any photos from the train. By the time we got to the more scenic areas, we had other people sitting across from us, and it just wasn't easy to get to a window to take any photos. That's okay... there will be a lot of photos from our National Park tour tomorrow!

Lots of people selling food on the train.

I came across this Greenleaf Guesthouse when I was looking for ways to visit the national park. This guesthouse also runs tours into the park... they do a full day tour, and then a half day tour, and if you sign up for both tours you get a discount. The place gets great reviews, and it's fairly cheap. 

The rooms are basic but clean, and with fan only... no air conditioning. But that's fine.... we are at a bit of altitude here and it's a few degrees cooler. High of 31C (88F) and low of 22C (71F). After the 35C (95F) temps we've been having, this is refreshingly cool!

We have our own little bungalow with private bathroom for 300 baht ($8.40 USD, $11.40 CAD) per night. There is a shower, but no hot water. Don't need it anyhow.

Bathroom and shower.

There's also a restaurant on site, and quite a few other restaurants in the area if you want some variety. 

We had chicken stir fry for lunch.
60 baht ($1.70 USD, $2.30 CAD) each.

Here is the English menu.

Our tour leaves at 8:00am tomorrow morning! The cost if you sign up for both the full and the half day tour it is 1,800 baht ($50 USD, $68 CAD) per person which includes park entrance (400 baht), lunch, bottled water, all transportation, and English speaking guide. And transportation and water for the half day tour. This is a bit of a treat for ourselves using some of the annual Christmas/birthday cash that my mother gifts to us once a year. We always try to do something special with it, that we wouldn't normally do ourselves. Thanks Mom!


And in Canada...

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