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Friday, December 1, 2023

Welcome to Thailand, country #66

Last you heard from us, we were in New Delhi airport waiting for our flight to Bangkok.

That flight went much better than the one from Almaty to New Delhi. We both managed to snooze on and off, and we arrived right on time at 4:10pm despite departing almost a half an hour late from New Delhi. Got through immigration quickly, and then waited for our bags.

My bag was one of the first ones off the carousel. Then we waited forever for Ruth's to show up, but it finally did.

This was in New Delhi airport before we departed for Bangkok.

Motorcycle parking at New Delhi airport.

New Delhi looks more smoggy than Almaty was!

Men's and women's washrooms in New Delhi airport.

Boarding our plane in New Delhi.

Yes, we only travel with carry on size suitcases, as well as a small backpack each. But we're finding more and more that our carry on bags end up being checked. We're actually okay with that. This particular airline, IndiGo, had a 7 kg carry on limit (our carry on bags weigh about 9 kg each), and a 30 kg checked bag limit, included in the base fare.

While we were waiting for our bags, I went and got us some cash. I had read that every ATM in Thailand charges a hefty 220 baht ($6.30 USD, $8.50 CAD) fee, so there's no way around that. So the trick is to take out as much cash as you think you might need in one go. We're here for at least two weeks, but possibly more. We're just not sure yet. And, we don't know if we might have to pay for some accommodation using cash. 

So it's a tough call, but I took out 10,000 baht ($287 USD, $387 CAD).

Ruth's bag eventually showed up and we carried on through customs and outside into the 33C (91F) warmth. 

It's quite a drive to our apartment, and I knew in advance that it would probably cost 500 baht ($14.35 USD, $19.35 CAD) for a taxi. It could have been done much cheaper using public transportation, but it would have taken two hours. We were both tired, and it was now after 5:00pm so we paid the taxi money.

Our first Thai sunset, taken from the taxi.

Lots of traffic, but then we arrived at Friday rush hour.

Yikes. Who wants to be an electrician?

Arrived at our apartment. Had no problem following the self checkin instructions, and made our way to the top (8th) floor.

The place is tiny, but in a fairly new modern building with a swimming pool and gym. And we are used to living in a motorhome, so this tiny apartment is just fine!

There is a fan, but yes it is air conditioned as well.

Tiny living room.



We are paying a total weekly rate of $139 USD through Airbnb... so $19.86 USD ($26.74 CAD) per night.

We were starved, so next on the agenda was to find some authentic Thai food, which should be easy in Thailand! We're in a busy non-touristy area and found a little hole in the wall place just down the road...

My first Thai beer. 
It's so hot, they serve it with ice!

The cook!

Hmm, what to eat??

Of course the menu was just in Thai, which is fine. We really don't want to go to tourist restaurants, although of course the English would be convenient. So using google translate, we ordered pork sausage with vegetables, and a plate of stir fried vegetables. Not really sure what we were going to get as some of the translations weren't very descriptive. But we'll eat just about anything, provided it complies with Ruth's gluten intolerance.

The pork sausage was a little different, but tasty and spicey!

And the stir fried veggies were definitely spicey!

Including my beer and Ruth's iced tea, the total bill was 250 baht ($7.15 USD, $9.70 CAD).

And then we went to a grocery store to buy some supplies. We'll do breakfasts in the apartment and then eat out during the day.

Watched the most recent episode of Survivor, and then slept like a rock!

Today, we're going to get a local SIM card, and then visit the floating market. 

Record low deal on the Garmin RV 890 GPS for RV's.

And in Canada...


  1. I'm so looking forward to this leg of your journey. I know very little about the area or the culture plus I enjoy your take on things because it's not the typical travel/news info. Stay cool if you can.

    1. We are also looking forward to exploring this area. We know a little about it from seeing pictures, reading blogs or talking to friends that have been here but we still don't know a lot about it. Hopefully we can show you some interesting places and get to meet some of the locals so that we can learn more about the country and their customs and enjoy the delicious food here.


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