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Thursday, January 12, 2023

We're always impressed when we meet single women traveling alone

They were calling for another blue sky day, but the morning sure didn't turn out that way. Still, it was perfectly fine for a hike, so off we went.

I had seen a route up the mountain behind Chefchaouen, and there were a couple of viewpoints listed, so we headed up to get a view of the city down below.

And it didn't take long to get a view...

There was a single girl by herself at the first lookout. We're always impressed when we meet single women traveling alone in out of the way places. We spoke to her for about twenty minutes. She was from Italy and just nearing the end of a four week vacation.

Heading higher into the mountains.

The road was actually in pretty good condition.
No guard rails though!

Enjoying the view.

The trail coming back down was pretty rough though.

It was around this point where we met another single girl, coming up the other way. She was a Canadian, from Vancouver! So we stopped and chatted with her for a while too.

Someone lives here.

And the trail goes right by their place.

Almost at the bottom.

We made it to the entrance to the medina, but Ruth wanted to continue on to the mosque on top of the other hill in order to get a view looking back at Chefchaouen. By now, the sky was starting to clear up, and it might look pretty with the sun shining on it. Besides which, we needed the exercise!

And she was right, it was a nice view!

Back at Max, we had only done 7 kms (4.5 miles), but with a lot of altitude change it felt like more than that. We never did get any ambition to walk back down to the more modern souk later in the afternoon.

Moving on today. We have had enough of this parking lot campground. It's actually been not too bad though, and even with all the people packed in it's been very quiet overnight. Have to admit though, staying in a place like this has some entertainment value. Watching people come and go, and the various types of rigs and people who are traveling Morocco is kind of interesting. Surprisingly, there are quite a few young families with children.

GE 12 Cup Food Processor. Record low deal.

And in Canada...

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