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Monday, January 9, 2023

We are off to Morocco!

It poured with rain pretty much all day yesterday. It had been in the forecast so we knew it was coming, but I think we got far more than they were expecting. 

We only had three things on the agenda for yesterday... cash, laundry and propane.

We need to pay for our Mauritania visas on arrival and they are €55 each. Cash only. So we'll need that for when we arrive January 20th. And, we wanted to have some spare euros in cash in case of emergency. So we drove into central Algeciras and found a branch of a bank that is part of our home bank's ATM alliance so that we don't have to pay ATM fees.

With that taken care of, we found a laundromat. Not easy to find parking close by, but we managed. The laundromat was packed! We had to wait for a machine. By the time we got out of there it was three hours later!

Then propane. That was no problem, and it was cheaper than expected at €0.92 a liter.

And that's it. We're ready for Morocco!

Us, in the Sahara Desert April 2017.

Morocco is not a new country for us. We were there for two and a half weeks in early April 2017. But this will be the first time taking Max to Morocco.

We take the 10:00am ferry this morning. It's an hour and a half crossing the 37 kms (23 miles) from Algeciras to Tanger Med. Then we need to buy some fuel which is quite a lot cheaper in Morocco, and Max's tank is purposely getting low.

And what's the plan in Morocco? We'll wander our way inland and down to Casablanca over the first ten days. Our flight to Mauritania leaves on January 20th. We return the evening of January 31st.

In February we plan to drive down to Western Sahara and back. We need to return to Casablanca airport March 6th to pick up our daughter and grandkids who are coming to explore with us for two ad a half weeks!

And around this time in April (three months from now) we take the ferry back to Spain.

It's going to be an adventure, and we're looking forward to telling you all about it! Next blog post coming to you from Africa!

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And in Canada...

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