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Thursday, January 5, 2023

There's too much to see along the way!

Once again we didn't get as far as planned. But, we sure managed to get some exercise!

There's just too much to see and do in Spain. It's like every little town along the way has some kind of attraction. We could easily spend a full year just exploring Spain.

We went for a walk after breakfast because we hadn't seen anything of Loja yet. We found a trail that lead to a canyon and a waterfall, then took a circular route to a viewpoint, and then back to Max through the center of town.

Despite being so close to town, this was a very quiet overnight spot.
GPS 37.167182, -4.144641

It was still a bit cool out at 9:30am.
Temperature at that time was maybe 6C (43F) with a forecast high of 18C (64F) with blue sky and sunshine.

Funny low cloud.

We got to the Infiernos de Loja canyon, and the trail we were following along the bottom of the canyon was totally washed away at one point and we couldn't continue to see the waterfall. But, there was a trail leading up to the top with chains and steel reinforcement rod steps built into the rock. Okay. We're up for an adventure!

Ruth, heading higher.

Getting some morning exercise!

Looking down at the canyon.

There's the waterfall we had been trying to get to.

Looking back at Loja.

We walked back to town on the main road and continued to a mirador (lookout) above the town.

At the water treatment plant.

Made it to the mirador above Loja.

We walked down to the church, but it was closed.

Another viewpoint on our way back to Max.

Scenery along the way.

We made it back to Max just after 11:00am and had done about 7 kms (4.2 miles). From there, we drove to the nearby town of Riofrio where Ruth had read about an old Roman bridge, and the birth/starting point of the Rio Frio. It's obviously a busy spot at some times during the year. There's a huge parking area, but it's located right by the main highway. There are quite a few restaurants, and a caviar factory!

You can buy 30 grams of Riofrio caviar for €78 ($112 CAD, $83 USD). Or you can do a tour of the factory with tastings for €85.

No, I'm afraid caviar is out of our price range!

But we did see the Roman bridge.

Roman bridge over the Rio Frio.

The source of the river is located about one km from the town. So we walked up the trail to find the source. Lots of ruins and abandoned buildings from long ago that used the constant source of spring water, even back to Roman times and before.

The water was so clear.

Lots of vegetation growing in the pools.

Coming right out of the ground.

Climbing up to some ruins.

The vegetation is taking over some of the ruins.

Another source.

There are probably ten or twenty different springs that all come together to form the river.

Another abandoned building.

I reached up and took a photo through the window.
There are trees growing inside the building.

There are lots of these pretty little wild Iris flowers in the area.

We did another 2.5 kms walking in and around Riofrio.

Back at Max, we had some lunch and then we carried on west to the town of Archidona. We found the motorhome parking and service area, and it wasn't ideal, but we didn't really plan on staying. 

And then... we went for a hike up to the castle and sanctuary high above the town.

We are headed up there!

It didn't take long to get some great views.

Looking down on the town of Archidona.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Olive trees everywhere.

The church at the top was closed.
We keep forgetting that most things are closed for afternoon siesta.
It reopens at 4:00pm.

And the castle ruins were closed as well. 
They are doing some serious restoration work there.

Church tower.

We took a different trail back down that led us through the center of town.

Things are very quiet during siesta!


The central plaza is an attraction because it was eight walls.
Appropriately called Ochavada Plaza.


Back at Max, it was now 3:30pm and we had walked another 5 kms (3 miles). Even though it wasn't an ideal overnight spot, I really didn't feel like driving any further. I felt like having a nap!

We walked a total of 14.5 kms (9 miles) yesterday! And we only drove 28 kms (18 miles). Too funny. Today for sure we are going to make it to Ronda!


And in Canada...


  1. I wondered why I couldn't post any comments as I was reading through your older blogs and the box for comments has just appeared. Aha this must be the day I emailed requesting access, as you would say Kevin "too funny". Just love that you keep getting distracted with some great walks this is definitely the bonus of travelling in your own vehicle complete with all necessities of life.

    1. We are glad that you are enjoying some of the older posts and that you can now post comments once again.

      We love being able to travel in the motorhome just for the fact that we can stop and see different sights along the way and when we have had enough for the day, just find somewhere to park and we are set for night. It is so much nicer than having to arrange for Airbnbs and needing to have a proper set schedule.


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