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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

What does it cost to motorhome in Albania for a month?

More accurately, we did spend the first week of the month of November making our way through Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro. We didn't actually arrive in Albania until November 7th. 

November was our cheapest month so far this year, as we expected it would be. We spent a total of $1,390 CAD ($1,085 USD, €960) for the month. 

Here's how it all broke down...

Fuel: It turned out that we didn't drive very far. We only filled the fuel tank once, and spent a total of $115 CAD ($90 USD, €79). Ending the month, Max still has about 1/3 of a tank.

Propane: We ended up being plugged into electric several times this month, so we didn't spend as much on gas. Only one tank got filled, but they are both now getting low and we will have to fill them both up in early December. Total for November was $13 CAD ($10 USD, €9).

Groceries: Not bad, at $391 CAD ($305 USD, €270) for the month. Probably slightly higher than we thought it might have been, but gluten free bread is $5 a loaf here, so we typically splurge anyhow because we like it. Towards the end of the month we found a place that sells a corn bread that we like. 

Meals out: Total of $143 CA ($111 USD, €98) for 4 meals out for the two of us. Which sounds a little high, but we did one meal that was fairly high end, and one of which we treated friends in Shkoder.

Alcohol: Alcohol is relatively cheap in Albania, plus we didn't drink much of it! We stuck to wine and beer for the month... and a little bit of the local hooch, raki, which is really inexpensive. We spent a total of $78 CAD ($61 USD, €54) for the month. 

Miscellaneous: About as expected at $376 CAD ($293 USD, €259). A big chunk of that is our Heymondo Travel Medical Insurance, and the rest is cellular internet access, haircut, laundry, and dentist.

Entertainment: Very little out of pocket expense, at $15 CAD ($12 USD, €10) although that is a little misleading because my mother paid for our Tomori Mountain Hike.

Overnight: This is always an interesting category. We feel that because Max is outfitted with solar panels and batteries that we can usually find somewhere free to overnight. However that's not always a realistic expectation because we need to do laundry somehow, and it's getting chilly at night so it's sometimes a tradeoff as to whether or not it's worth it to be able to plug into electricity. In November, we ended up doing 15 nights of paid camping, and 15 nights free. Total for the paid nights came to $247 CAD ($193 USD, €170), or $16.50 CAD ($13 USD, €11) per night.

Motorhome: We paid out $10.50 CAD ($8 USD, €7) for the supplies to repair Max's mysterious roof vent leak which we don't expect to recoup. Just as an update, with all the rain that we have had over the last few days, that area is not leaking at all.

So, a pretty cheap month. 

December is going to be a little more expensive with Ruth's Invisalign dental treatment (more on that tomorrow!), but outside of that it should still be very reasonable. 


And in Canada...

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