Ruth and Max enjoying a beautiful rainbow at the Natyra e Qete Restaurant & Camping near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

This campground will do just fine for the next few days

The weather has been better than we expected it to be. However there is some rain supposed to be arriving by tomorrow afternoon, and showers throughout the upcoming weekend. And I've got some computer work to get done during that time so it made sense for us to look for a campground where we can have electricity and WiFi. Also, we are waiting for the dentist to get back to us about straightening Ruth's lower teeth.

We didn't plan on staying in Berat this long, but then we really don't have any kind of schedule, so it doesn't matter! And, as I've said before, we really like the area.

We thought about going back to the campground we were at when we arrived here, but it's a bit expensive at €15 ($21.50 CAD, $17 USD) a night so I started looking at other options. I found a new one a little further out of town and it got decent reviews so we drove over to check it out.

For €10 ($14.50 CAD, $11.25 USD) per night it's a good deal. We signed up for one night just to make sure the electric and WiFi work fine, and they do. So we will likely stay put at least until Sunday, and possibly a full week. Besides, they have use of a washer and dryer included in the price, and decent showers. 

And, they have a puppy!

Max, parked at GPS 40.688344, 19.969228

When we arrived, there was another rig from Germany, with a family of five in it! They have since departed, so for the time being we are the only ones here.

It's a new place and they have a nice clean up bay for emptying your tanks. 
You are even allowed to wash your motorhome!

We set up the chairs and relaxed outside for a while. There was no sun, but it was a pleasant 18C (65F) with no wind at all. Eventually, I got the bikes off and we rode back into town to get some fruits and veggies. That's the other thing... this campground is in a great spot for bike riding.

Carrots, apples, spinach, cucumber, pepper, broccoli, and a loaf of corn bread.
Total 370 lek ($4.35 CAD, $3.45 USD, €3.05)


We have woken up to a gorgeous day!
Photo taken at 8:00am this morning.

There's another reason we might hang around a full week.

When we met Katja and Yves a couple of weeks ago, they showed us a motorhome water filter they had purchased in Germany. We hate buying plastic bottles of water, and prefer to put only drinkable water into our fresh water tank. So far, I think we've been pretty good at being able to do that, but we would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that it is filtered. 

The filter they are using is not cheap.

But, it is on Black Friday sale right now with 20% off, so we might bite the bullet and buy it. Shipping to Albania is an extra €25, but with the 20% off we save about that much. We'll make a decision on that today.

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And in Canada...


  1. Oh my, that adorable puppy! Campground looks fantastic. Amazing view, and they allow you to wash your rig. And good for cycling...perfect! I would never want to leave. Amazing veggie prices too.

    1. That puppy is so sweet!

      The campground is great, the site itself is nothing to speak of, it is just a gravel lot with nothing between the sites but the view is beautiful and the amenities are good. I love the fact that laundry is included in the price. And as long as we have good weather it is nice to get out on our bikes.

      The produce prices are great here and they are so fresh. :-)


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