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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Acrocorinth, Peloponnese, Greece.

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Just about time to head further south!

It's a bit of an anomaly, but there are actual snow flurries in the forecast for Berat, Albania on Tuesday night with an expected low around the freezing mark. Still, average temperatures for this time of year are highs of 14C (58F) and lows of 8C (47F) and it is supposed to quickly return to that on Wednesday.

But, it is just about time to be heading further south which is exactly what we will be doing as soon as our package arrives and we finish with the dentist. Hopefully by the end of this week.

When the skies cleared for a bit yesterday morning, we saw what the rains had done at higher elevations...

Snow on Tomori Mountain.

The snow on the mountain will accumulate over the winter and remain until next May or June.

But Berat itself gets very little snow. I checked the historical weather stats, and last January the worst day they had was a high of 5C (41F) and a low of -5C (23F). January averages high of 12C (54F) and lows of 3C (37F).

In a motorhome, that's almost doable. It's certainly not tropical, but if we had to stay in Albania all winter, we definitely could, provided we were plugged into electric.

We took advantage of the break in the clouds yesterday morning and did a power walk into town. We had to go back and see our fruit and veggie lady and pay the 70 lek (under a dollar) that we owed her. We ended up doing 6.7 kms (4.2 miles), so enough to get some exercise in.


I took that photo of the river to see how much it will rise over the next couple of days. We've had a lot of rain since Friday, and the river has risen quite a bit already. It's cleared up this morning so far, but it's supposed to rain hard again most of tonight and Tuesday.

The other side of the river.
The water is muddy from the rains.

More Christmas displays popping up.

This is where we are staying.

Ruth and Max and our view.

Yesterday when Ruth was doing supper we heard some kind of beeping alarm. We had never heard it before, but it didn't take long to figure out that it was Max's warning system going off. Checking the control panel, it was Max telling us that his fresh water supply was getting low. We knew that anyhow since we are always very aware of Max's different capacities, but it was a nudge that it was time to fill up. 

European motorhomes rarely hook up to a water supply. In fact Max doesn't even have that capability, and most do not. You simply fill your holding tank when necessary and use the pump.

Fortunately we are parked close to the drinking water source and our hose was just long enough to reach. I was thinking we might have to move Max to empty our grey water (dish and shower waste water) tank, but I will probably just bucket dump some as necessary if I have to before we are ready to leave.

Well, things are looking good enough for another power walk. Hopefully we make it back without getting rained on!

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And in Canada...


  1. Try and stay warm and dry, BC is drowning. If Berat was here it would be under water

    1. Trying to stay warm isn't too hard at the moment, trying to stay dry it a bit more difficult, lots and lots of rain. The river is quite a lot higher than it was from when we first arrived in Berat almost two weeks ago. Yes, we have been watching British Columbia and we shouldn't complain one bit compared to the rain you have been receiving there and all the flooding that British Columbia has had, our hearts to out to all those that have been affected by it.

  2. Just a thought Ruth, might be good to have an extra final retainer as I remember them to be fairly thin and will wear out over time.

    1. Thank you Kathy for the suggestion. I had read that a retainer can be made out of a slightly thicker and more durable material than what the aligners are made of. It is definitely a question that I should ask him about.


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