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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Arrived in Austria! Country #45 for us...

We only had about a 20 minute drive to get to the RV park that we had chosen from which to base ourselves for exploring the city of Salzburg, Austria.

Located about 5 kms (3 miles) north of the city center, the Reisemobil Stellplatz Salzburg is really well thought out. You can tell it was designed by people who actually use motorhomes!

And, the cost is reasonable, considering it's so close to a major tourist area.

Entering Austria.

The the Reisemobil Stellplatz Salzburg Motorhome Park.
GPS 47.835627, 13.060047

Three dump and fill stations.

Max, on the right.

When in any RV park, we always choose a spot where we are least likely to have close neighbors. 

There are just over 100 sites here, all for motorhomes. No travel trailers. They say the only time you need a reservation is August, Easter, or Christmas. Otherwise, just show up whenever you like. Normally there are some pricing options, but due to Covid it is self serve and they have simplified operations by making it a straight €22 ($32 CAD, $25.50 USD) with electricity included. They also have a nice shower building and a fairly inexpensive laundry that we will take advantage of while we're here.

There is a bus that runs into the city center directly from the road outside the RV park. But it costs €2.90 ($4.20 CAD, $3.35 USD) per person, so we decided to walk. We were due for some exercise anyhow.

Lots of rail lines, as in most European cities.

We found a hill to climb to try to get some views of the area...

Heading up.

Looking north of the city where we had come from.

Enjoying the view.

Zoomed in on a distant bridge.

Zoomed in on a distant estate.

Strazburg, Austria.

Of course at the top of a hill there has to be a castle.

Kevin, at the entrance to the Franziskischlössl, built in 1629.

Coming down the other side, we had a good view of Salzburg Fortress.

Filling up the water bottle.

Made it down to the historic part of Salzburg.

We only came into the city Friday afternoon to wander around and get our bearings. We will go back in today and Sunday to do the tourist things.

The Salzach River flows through Salzburg.

We've seen bridge locks before, but this pedestrian bridge is full of them!

View from the bridge.

Gardens and fountain in front of Mirabell Palace.

Then we walked back. We did a total of just over 13 kms (8 miles).  Today, we will either ride our bikes or take the bus in, we haven't decided which yet. 

It was a bit chilly overnight! Temperature inside Max was only 9C (48F) when we woke up, and it was only 6C (43F) outside. However, there isn't a cloud in the sky this morning, and it's so nice to finally see the sunshine and blue sky. Supposed to be a pleasant high of 15C (60F) today.

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And in Canada...


  1. The locks on the bridge are so called "Love locks". A love lock is a padlock couples place on a bridge to commemorate their indestructible bond. And then they throw the kay in the river. Some locks have their initials on it.

    1. Thanks Renate, yes we knew that. I couldn't remember the name. I wonder how many of the couples that placed a "love lock" on the bridge are still together.

    2. What I wonder is what does it mean when couples put combination locks on the bridge?

    3. I don't think we saw any combination locks on the bridge, maybe their relationship is a complicated one, lol!

  2. That RV park might have the amenities, but it sure does lack for atmosphere! Just looks like a parking lot to me, sites so close together. Not bad for one night, I guess, but I wouldn't want to stay longer. Congratulations on country #45! That is impressive indeed.

    1. As you know, it's not often we stay in an RV park. We think that most RV parks are just parking lots. But I don't think people come to this RV park for the RV park. They come because it's convenient to see Salzburg, which is the same reason that we're here. It's a bonus that they nice amenities.

  3. We woke up to plus 9 also this morning, but also a howling wind. Shook the truck camper. Hinton , AB. Fresh snow on the mountains as we passed through Jasper. Wishing i was someplace a tad warmer. Love the pics

    1. Yep, the wind is always the worst part, if it is just cold it isn't so bad but cold and windy is the terrible. Sorry you aren't able to cross into the States at the moment, maybe in November, then you could head south to warmer temperatures.

  4. We loved Salzburg in 1976. I bet it is quite different.will you go into the salt mine? I loved it. Enjoy Austria.

    1. No doubt it has probably changed a bit since then!

      No, we are not going to the salt mine at least not on this visit. Also not sure which salt mine you mean because there are a couple in the Salzburg area, one is just across the border in Germany by the town of Berchtesgaden and another one near Hallein, Austria.

  5. Johns Mom was from Vienna and we went to Austria with her which made it very interesting.

    1. I bet that made the trip all the more special! No doubt she had some stories to tell and new lots of the history!


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