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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Every time we turn a corner there is another beautiful view

"Do you know that you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world?"

That's the question I want to ask some of the people we bump into. Maybe they do know... for the most part, they are all smiling and happy!

The other day we met a young couple from Finland. He said they had been pretty much all over Tanzania, but they returned to Lushoto because it's the best place they found.

There are so many walking trails, and every time we turn a corner there is another beautiful view. 

On Friday, we set out to find the Kisasa Waterfall. I knew the GPS coordinates, but the only problem with trying to follow the trails on the app is that it doesn't give a very good idea of elevation. And the GPS location didn't match up with any of the trails. And of course many of the smaller trails aren't listed, so it's always a bit of a game, which we don't mind.

One of the homes from the German settlement prior to World War l.

Scenery along the way.

Local housing.

This is the stream that goes to the waterfall. 
Yet it sure seems like there is a lot more water than that at the actual falls!

No, this is not the

Ruth, looking up at the big trees planted on the side of the road.

Maybe we will take this path.

There is the falls!

A closer view.

Stunning scenery.

Me, with another view.

Getting closer to the falls.

We finally found the trail that goes down to the base of the falls. 

There, we found an entrance gate...

And at the little booth, there was an attendant. Lying haphazardly across his seat, with his legs up in the air... sound asleep.

It was pretty funny. I should have taken his picture. 

I knocked on the side of the wall, and he finally woke up. I asked how much it was to enter, and he said 5,000 each. We laughed and turned around... he quickly changed to 3,000 each. I told him we would pay no more than 5,000 ($2.70 CAD, $2.15 USD) for the two of us, which he accepted.

We were the only ones there. 
More than likely, we were probably the only ones all day!

We sat around and enjoyed the scenery for a half an hour, then hiked back out.

Hiking in the jungle.

Watch your step!

The local secondary school.

What a great day. It wasn't a super long hike... I think we did about 11 kms (7 miles). 


And in Canada...


  1. Thank you again for taking us along with you each day ! We have been following each day but not posting often. We were stationed at a secondary school in Zimbabwe, much like the one in your photo. Zimbabwe was drier in climate, though. I've wondered if you've encountered any wild animals in your hiking. We armchair travelers are having a great time.

    1. It is our pleasure and we are happy that you are enjoying our adventures and our pictures of Tanzania.

      No, we do not encounter any "wild" animals in our hiking, the exotic animals are all in the national parks or very close to them as the parks do not have fencing around them. We were told that the very odd time an animal from the national parks/game preserves might wander into or close to a community but it is then chased back to the park.

  2. Just beautiful! Do they charge for every little thing they can?

    1. It was beautiful! And, yes they do seem to charge for every little thing they can and if the government has a hand in it, it is always much more expensive. This is why we love to just wander around on the back roads and enjoy the pretty scenery and local day to day life of the people that live here. We honestly don't mind spending a little bit of money on things like the waterfall or the view point that we hiked to on our first day because that money stays in the community but when we were in the National Forest the other day, it is controlled by the government and it cost so much more and priced for the tourist in US dollars, so we will avoid that park in the future, plus the money does not stay in the community at that point!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful hike, falls, and lush greenery! Looks like good weather too, from the way you are dressed. What are the temps like?

    1. We really enjoyed the hike and the scenery!

      The weather has been decent this past week but it is supposed to change starting today (Sunday) with rain in the forecast every day. Hopefully it doesn't rain all day long so that we can get out at least for a short hike each day. The temperatures have been around 27/28 C (81/82 F) with a little humidity, more so in the afternoon.

  4. One or both of you must have a really good sense of direction! Do you ever end up wandering around trying to find your way back to your accommodations? haha

    1. We do have a pretty good sense of direction but we are also using the app on our phone, having said that it doesn't always have all the roads/paths/trails on the mapping system so yes, we do have to do a little exploring to find the correct trail that we need.

      No, we have never had an issue getting back to our accommodations, again we use the mapping system and if it doesn't show the trail we just figure that the trail is going in the right direction and that it leads somewhere that will most likely get us back on a road that does show up on the map. :-)

  5. Looks like your adventure continues.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Lol, with us the adventure always seems to continue! :-)

  6. You fool me at the first falls! Of course I like humor, so I laughed too! It sounds like you the community, guess it takes a couple of days to get in the grove. I wonder how much dude was going to charge you, good for you for fare getting a bargain! Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Glad that you liked our little bit of humor!

      Yep, we are feeling quite at home here and have no problems just wandering around on all the the different roads and pathways.

      The guy at the waterfalls wanted 5,000 shillings for each of us but we thought that was too much seeing that we already had had a great view of the waterfalls without having to go all the way down to the bottom, so he was wiling to charge us half the price which at that point we were ok with.

  7. Loved the of the pretty ones in my opinion. Thanks again for sharing your day.

    1. It was a beautiful waterfall, more impressive than we though it was going to be. :-)


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