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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Organizing our next stop

While we've thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and the hiking here in Lushoto area, two weeks is enough.

Our accommodation had been overall good, although a bit quirky. It's a very old house, and it needs a lot of work. There are quite a few critters living in the house along with us! And the "staff", while very friendly and helpful when we have questions, don't really seem to actually do very much. 

And I've mentioned this before, but the food is probably the main reason we aren't hanging around longer! There just isn't enough selection available.

Like I said, it's been a good stay, but not great. 

So we are moving on March 1st, down to the coastal city of Tanga. It's only 168 kms (105 miles) but it's probably a four or five hour bus ride!

We've booked another Airbnb... it was supposed to be a room in a shared house, but the hosts have told us we will be the only people there. The hosts are a British expat couple, and they live next door so it should be interesting talking to them.

We have plans on spending a week there, but if we like it and want to, we can stay longer. That brings us up to March 8, which really doesn't give us too many spare days after that. Because we are flying out on March 18th, but we need to be in Dar es Salaam by the 14th at the latest in order to get the PCR tests done for our flight.

It's been overcast and cloudy the last couple of days and they had been calling for a high chance of regular rain, so we've been staying fairly close to the house. But it never did rain as much as they called for, and now today things are clearing up and we are headed back out for another hike!

Went into town for lunch yesterday, and ended up getting a plate each of "Chips Mayai".. or in English, French Fries Omelette! A very popular street food dish in Tanzania...

Chips Mayai.

Anyhow, we are off to enjoy the day... hope you enjoy yours as well!

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  1. New commenter here. Love reading your blog about your amazing travels.

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment, we really appreciate it. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our fun adventures. :-)

  2. What an interesting dish! Are the fries in place of veggies? Would love your impression of it

    1. No not really, it is just a popular dish in Tanzania that is easy to make and is very inexpensive.

      This is the third time that we have had it and this is the one that we liked the least. It had way too many fries in it for our liking.

  3. We enjoyed all your interesting hiking trails in Lushoto. That certainly is the perfect name for that town, beautiful lush greenery everywhere. Looking forward to your next Airbnb in Tanga City. Enjoy your day💕

    1. We are happy to hear that you have been enjoying our hikes here and it is funny but I never even thought about the the name "lush"oto and all the lush green vegetation that surrounds the area.

      We have mixed feelings about heading to a city and the coast, seeing that we prefer the mountains and the quiet country life but it will also be nice to have a change of scenery and I am sure we will still find some interesting things to see. :-)

  4. Never seen an Omelette like that before. Probably tasted pretty good though.
    Looking forward to your next adventure.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your hike.

    It's about time.

    1. I doubt that they think of it as an omelette, it is just what Kevin thought that it was similar too. It is a very popular street food here in Tanzania, it is easy and cheap to make and it fills the stomach. It has a bit too many French fries (chips) in it for our liking and not a lot of taste to it. They give you ketchup to go with it too but the stuff is so fake looking that we just won't touch it.

  5. Replies
    1. To eat it with. We tried asking for forks or spoons but we got a no on that. The typical way to eat most foods here in Tanzania is using your fingers, so that is what we did, lol!

  6. Another adventure await you! I might be more excited than you are! But I doubt it! A change of pace might do it. Take care, Rawn

    1. Yes, another adventure awaits us! It will definitely be a change of pace and scenery but I think we won't enjoy the scenery at the beach or in the city as we enjoy the scenery out here in the country and in the mountains.


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