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Monday, February 8, 2021

21 Weirdest Ways To Make Money

 Are you looking for ways to make extra money to help you get by? Believe it or not, there are a lot of things you can do to generate income. As crazy as the following ideas may sound, they might work well for you. So, why not try these out:

Sell Jellyfish

It is unlikely for you to find someone who has a pet jellyfish as they certainly are not the cuddliest. However, there is a market for jellyfish, and they are quite costly. In fact, the cheapest one there runs around $330, including a small tank and some food good for three months.

Become a Professional Eater

You might be familiar with eating contests. They are usually seen on carnivals or any fun events. But, the question is, can you make money out of them?

Yes, of course, you can. 

You can surf the internet and look at eating contests that offer a lot of money as prizes. Moreover, several people have already won more than $100,000 because of winning these types of contests.

Become a Lice Removal Technician

This idea might sound uncomfortable, but it pays well. A lice removal technician makes about $30 per hour. Moreover, your travel expenses are paid, and you get to undergo proper training.

Get Paid For Your Sperm or Eggs

You can make money by selling your sperm or eggs. To do so, you have to qualify certain requirements such as not having any sexually transmitted diseases or staying healthy. If you qualify, you’ll get paid and asked to keep the donation confidential.

Test Ice Cream

Be a professional ice cream taster. This job is perfect for those who love this cold dessert. John Harrison, Dreyer’s official ice cream taster, samples about 60 ice cream packages per day.

Trade Your Way to Riches

Ever heard of Kyle MacDonald? He was the person who traded his way to riches. He started off with one red paperclip and made a series of trades until he got a house. 

Sell Weird Toilet Papers

Yes, weird toilet paper sells! They include rolls with bright colors, games, and camouflage printed on them. If you have skills designing weird toilet paper, why not consider this to make extra money.

Rent Your Shed

Does your shed have some extra space? Why not rent it out. You can turn it into a small bedroom a person can rent. Or, it can also be someone else’s storage space.

Sell Your Coffee Mugs

Do you have a lot of coffee mugs? Try selling them on eBay. You might be surprised at how much your mug can cost, especially if it is unique.

Be a Hangover Helper

Hangover helpers do exist. College students usually hire them. Their job is to clean the house and provide breakfast burritos plus Gatorade after parties. 

Provide a Doggy Daycare

Dog owners who are busy at work would love someone to take care of their dogs while they are gone. Doggy daycare is actually a pretty good idea. But first, make sure you get certified to run your own doggy daycare and offer your service.

Play Video Games for Prizes

Several people play video games competitively. An example of this would be Kurtis Ling. He won about $6.6 million in the International Dota 2 Championship and is the 13th highest paid gamer globally.

Collect Dog Poop

There is money in poops. Several people would pay money for collecting dog poop. You just need to appear in front of the client’s house and start cleaning dog poops in their yard.

Sell Your Hair

Wigs and hair extensions are a thing. And most clients prefer natural hair compared to synthetic, that’s why selling your hair makes sense.

Be a Snake Milker

The venom milked from snakes is sold to laboratories. It is used to make antivenom and treat various heart problems through developing new drugs. However, this job can be dangerous. Hence, make sure you know what you are going into.

Sell Old Apple Boxes

You read it right. You can sell your iPhone, iPad, MacBook boxes, and others. If you have empty apple boxes just sitting around your garage, take them out and sell them on eBay. That way you can dispose of old boxes and earn from them.

Sell Your College Notes

If you are a student who likes to take notes during class, why not sell them. There are other students or several companies that will buy your notes from you. You can try this idea out and see if it works.

Sell Your Poop

This may sound strange but continue on reading. You can sell your poop for about $40. Yes, it is true. There is a company that will pay you for your poop to help people recover from C. difficile.

Sell Your Plasma

Like selling your poop, selling your plasma can also help people. The process involves screening. This means you will have to be evaluated first before you qualify. Once you are considered okay for plasma donation, you will undergo a procedure (about 1-2 hours or longer) and get paid about $20 to $50.

Flip Small RVs and Campers

Several people make serious cash when it comes to flipping RVs and campers. If you have the skills to do this, why not try it out. You can opt to customize old campers to have a sweet retro vibe. Or, if the client wants to, you can also redesign it into something more modern.

An RV is an expensive purchase. Most people even choose financing for an RV in order to own one. Hence, giving an old RV or camper a touch of your artistry might be a great idea for customers who want to expose their RV’s beauty.

Sell Breast Milk

Breast milk is the best and most nutritious food for babies. However, some mothers find it hard to produce breast milk. That is why there are people who pay for a bag of breastmilk for their babies.


The ideas above might sound strange. However, if you really want to make extra money, these crazy ideas might help you out. You’ll never know unless you try them out for yourself.

Author Bio

Lauren Cordell is a financial advisor. She likes sharing tips on how to make money to help others boost their income. In her free time, Lauren loves to travel and explore tourist destinations.

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