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Thursday, February 25, 2021

The children are hilarious

Wednesday morning, we set out towards another viewpoint. The rain they had been calling for was now just clouds with the odd sunny break. Not the best conditions to go to an overlook, but we needed some exercise!

It's so easy to walk in this area. The dirt roads hardly have any vehicles on them, and when there is a vehicle, it's a motorcycle. Motorcycles are used as basic public transportation in Tanzania... you just hop on the back, and the driver takes you where ever you want to go.

There is pretty much zero road maintenance done on the dirt roads though, and many are in better condition for walking than driving!

Cloudy day.

Scenery along the way.

This section of road is in good shape!

We came across a big snail.

They sure are interesting creatures!

There was a waterfall mentioned on my app, and we could hear the water, but couldn't find a decent enough path to get us to a view of the falls. There wasn't much water in the stream, so I don't think it would have been anything special anyhow.

We did come across a sort of a gravel pit though...

They do everything by hand!

They break it into smaller pieces.

And then even smaller pieces.

Another nice view.

And another pretty butterfly (moth?).

There was another waterfall mentioned on the app, so we made a short detour along another path to a stream. Whoever called this a "waterfall" on the app was wrong...

Hmm. Not much of a waterfall.

Continuing along a path.

The children are hilarious. It doesn't matter where we go, the children yell "jambo" (hello, in Swahili) or "hello" or "hi" or "how are you". So when we get groups of them together it's pretty funny.

We came by one group of four or five really little ones. Maybe between 2 to 3 years old. We were walking towards them, and they turned and all starting running towards us yelling "hi", and "jambo". One little guy ran right up to me and grabbed my leg, giving me a big hug. He only came up to just above my knee! It was so funny.

Another couple of kids saw me taking the above picture of Ruth walking along the road, and I showed him the picture on the camera view screen. Using pointing and smiling, I asked if he wanted me to take a photo of him. He nodded his head yes, while his little buddy wanted nothing to do with it.

This little guy was all smiles getting his picture taken.

We climbed to within 1.5 kms of the destination viewpoint, but the closer we got, the more cloudy it got. In fact, we were getting into the clouds themselves.

Our viewpoint was up ahead in the clouds.

We decided to turn around. There was simply no point, and we had already done about 8.5 kms. We took a different shorter route back to town, and by the time we got home we had done 16 kms (10 miles) with a lot of uphill and downhill sections! It was a good workout!

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  1. What makes the soil have such an orange tint

    1. Yes, Gene is right it is a high iron content. Different colors of soil are produced by different minerals present and by the organic matter content in the soil in that area.

  2. What a lovely country...I could stay there a long time!

    1. It is a beautiful are and we could easily stay here longer too but the lack of the variety and quality of the food is pushing us on to a different area to explore starting next week. We will miss the mountains and the lush green vegetation here and the ease of being able to hike all over the area.

  3. I wonder about biting bugs. Walking in that tall grassy stuff, I think I'd be bitten to death by bugs. Also, skeeters? What say you?

    1. The only biting bugs that we have encountered are mosquitoes and that is usually in the evening at the house. We have never noticed them while we have been out hiking.

  4. So neat the way the kiddies greet you with their Hi’s, Hello’s, and Hugs!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is fun! Some of the children also like to "high five" or "fist punch" us. :-)

  5. Nice to get along with the local population. You might have inspired someone to become a Photographer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No problem there, they are all easy going and very friendly. :-)


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